We Are OFK: An Interactive Series Based On A Virtual Band


With many aspects of life making the move to an online experience, perhaps it’s no surprise to see that we can now follow a virtual band in an interactive series.

We Are OFK is subtitled a Music Biopic Series and Interactive E.P, giving us a look behind the scenes at how they make their music.

What Is It About?

The backstory to this game is that four friends have come together to make music. As they try to make it in the Los Angeles music scene, we see how they rehearse and the text messages that they send to each other. The people are completely made-up, but their appeal shines through in the animated sequences that we watch.

Itsumi is their keyboard player, Carter is the VFX artist, Luca is the vocalist, and Jey makes up the rest of the band. The music they play has been created by real musicians and producers, and it’s a type of electro-pop that we can easily imagine having a big impact on the current market.

While the band members need to struggle through disappointments, personal problems, and bad moments, the overall feeling is of hope and optimism. It’s an interesting insight into the creative process with characters who spring to life in the trendy settings we see them in. As the series progresses, you get to respond to text messages and lead your characters in different directions.

With five episodes that each end in a playable music video, there’s enough time to get to know these characters, who are brought to life by voice actors such as Ally Maki, Fiona Rene, Teddy Dief, and Syhaya Aviel. The game can be played on Windows computers, and the reviews to date on Steam are very positive.

we are ofk

What Other Types of Entertainment Have Become Virtual?

The OFK game is part of a recent trend for real-world experiences to go online. For example, we’ve seen exercise classes and sports making the switch to virtual classes, while interactive cooking classes make it easy to learn some recipes at any time.

Popular table games have moved in this direction too, often without any significant changes. In the case of roulette, the simple rules remain the same when played online, with this guide confirming that you need to place your bet and hope to see your number come up. However, some strategies exist in terms of how you approach each game, such as managing your bankroll wisely and considering betting systems like Martingale. Advanced tips include looking at more complex bets such as Jeu Zero and Voisins Du Zero.

Virtual courses offer a new way of learning that appeals to many people with busy lifestyles who want to learn new skills in a way that suits them. Udemy, edX, and Skillshare are some of the biggest names in this growing market and these figures from the World Economic Forum show us how the market is growing, with the US, India, and Mexico leading the way.

The fact that we’re now so comfortable with virtual experiences means that the OFK game isn’t as eye-opening as it would once have been. However, it still feels like a novel gaming experience that could open the door for a new genre of interactive games.


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