Which Kanye West Album Is The Most Popular?

kanye west best album

His antics may overshadow his body of work. Yet aside from the futile presidential campaign, interrupting Taylor Swift, and everything in between his circus-like social life, make no mistake: Kanye West is one of the most talented musicians of his generation.

He hasn’t just crafted some of the most highly acclaimed rap albums of all time, but he has drastically changed the genre’s direction on multiple occasions. His influence also translates to a legion of fans, and his records always generate a mass of sales and media coverage upon release.

Yet which of his albums is at the top of the list in terms of popularity? Based on current Spotify statistics and research from Betway Casino, the following article will supply the answer.

  1. Yeezus (985m Spotify streams)

Ranking ahead of four other studio albums by Kanye, Yeezus proved to be a hit with critics. Released in 2013, the experimental and brash direction of the album ensured its place among various albums of the decade lists by respected publications. The public’s opinion was divided on the record; however, its streaming numbers suggest plenty of dissenters have since come around to enjoy Yeezus.

  1. Late Registration (1.1b Spotify streams)

99.99% of musicians would be happy with having one billion streams overall on Spotify. Kanye’s second album, Late Registration, is one of four to go beyond that mark. This 2005 release pushed Kanye further into the mainstream, and it features some of his most popular and radio-friendly tunes. These include “Touch the Sky”, “Gold Digger”, and “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”.

  1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (1.7b Spotify streams)

If critical response translated to stream numbers, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy would top this list comfortably. Even though most Kanye albums are acclaimed and receive multiple awards, MBDTF is on a different level. The album has a Metacritic score of 94, which places it among the top five rap records of all time on that platform – and at number 14 overall.

  1. Graduation (1.9b Spotify streams)

As it was released before Spotify’s launch, and also taking into that it’s sold more than five million copies in the US alone, there’s a real argument to be made for Graduation being Kanye’s most popular album. In terms of Spotify streams, however, the album has to settle for second place. Yet it is interesting to note that, in terms of singles, Graduation’s “Stronger” – complete with Daft Punk-sampling – usually tops the list of most popular Kanye songs on Spotify.

  1. The Life of Pablo (2.7b Spotify streams)

This number is all the more remarkable as The Life of Pablo was first released exclusively on streaming service Tidal. While this 2016 album didn’t receive quite the same critical acclaim as the options mentioned above, it has struck the right note with fans. It being released while Spotify was in full swing helps, but The Life of Pablo’s fragmented nature has seen fans keep coming back for more to try and piece the album together.


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