Why Bingo Illustrates The New Potential Of Online Musical Work Experience

online musical work experience

The arrival of the online age has utterly reshaped the way the music industry works. While this is true of practically all elements, few have seen as much growth as those areas related to employment.

From what used to be niche opportunities available in very few areas, online accessibility has substantially lowered the barriers to entry for those looking to get involved in the professional music world.

While many different avenues illustrate this growth, one of the more consistently popular comes in the form of online bingo parlours. Though an odd combination, this industry shows a lot about how far the online music industry has come, and how broadly it’s expanded.

What Does Modern Online Bingo Look Like?

Modern online bingo acts as an arm of the developed digital casino industry. These are enormous websites, offering many different games over both desktop and mobile devices. As part of this, existing bingo games have been popular for some time, only growing more so as
online casinos expand.

The greater the number of people who get involved, the bigger the payouts, and the more bingo rooms are added, as they follow a feedback loop of evolution.

Today, a new bingo game follows in the footsteps of established classics like Deal or No Deal or Age of the Gods Bingo, where elements like jackpots, buy-ins, and room size vary. Each of these caters to players who wish to wager different amounts, guided by specific
themes and the attitudes taken by the players in each game's chat room. Variety is key, and it’s this variety that has presented so many options to potential music professionals.

Bingo Opportunities in the Online Age:

Music is like any other artistic endeavour in that the more you practise, the better you get. While many of us have the ultimate goals of being in bands or producing tracks at the highest level, starting with smaller but challenging opportunities plays an important part. This is exactly where experiences like bingo games come in, requiring professional-level skill in smaller and more manageable chunks.

Musicians working within the realm of bingo games have strict rules in place that run the gambit from unique tracks to recreating existing musical themes. For an example of the former, games like Rhino Rampage, set on safari, would require a person to understand the
traditions of African music.

Elements of instruments like kora and balafon would need to be adapted into a modern tune that is both referential to real history and modern enough to be palatable to the contemporary ear. On the other hand, bingo games like Deal or No Deal would require that the musicians have a pitch-perfect understanding of original tracks, to rebuild them in a bingo environment.

Mostly, this would need a simple recreation, but many cases would also require the ability to slightly modify tracks outside of established norms to fit certain moments like big wins or tense standoffs.

Bingo is far from the only form of online interactive entertainment that illustrates work potential for modern musicians, but it does demonstrate a microcosm of what makes the contemporary environment great.

There are more ways for musicians to get involved in professional work than ever before, where distance no longer acts as such a complicating factor. Whether heading down this road or any other, the market’s come a long way, and for those of us trying to pay the bills with musical skills, this is a very good thing.


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