Introducing ZIPDJ PRO, A Cutting Edge Music Discovery Platform

ZIPDJ announces “ZIPDJ PRO” with major core updates to its platform bringing new features, improved application speed/stability, and a fresh new look to enhance upon the v3 update of 2020.

ZIPDJ announces “ZIPDJ PRO” with major core updates to its platform bringing new features, improved application speed/stability, and a fresh new look to enhance upon the v3 update of 2020.

ZIPDJ PRO is an entirely rebuilt version of the cutting-edge music discovery platform that has been around for nearly one-and-a-half decades.

The company’s mission has always been to help bridge the relationship between DJs and record labels, and ZIPDJ PRO accomplishes just that. The update has brought ZIPDJ to PRO level and is easily one of the most advanced music promotional pools in the industry.

ZIPDJ services promotional music from the majors and thousands of top indie music labels, curated and served up for DJs in easy-to-navigate pages such as, New Releases, Top Downloads, Trending Charts, Top Charts, and ZIPDJ Packs.

In turn, DJs promote new releases by playing fresh tracks at their gigs week after week without wasting hours searching for the next big track. ZIPDJ PRO is a next-generation DJ tool that helps elevate it’s members’ sets to the next level.

The new features introduced bring Labels and DJs that much closer, and takes global music promotion to a whole new level! Advanced feedback capabilities have opened a direct dialogue between DJs and labels, and the labels are loving it. DJs have long been the tastemakers for the masses, and ZIPDJ PRO is that direct line back to the labels to complete the much needed feedback loop. This is how today’s top DJs are directing the industry and breaking new records.

President of ZIPDJ, Nick Fiorucci, has long led the industry with a focus on music promotion and discovery for DJs. – “This is an exciting time for the company as our community has grown considerably in the last year – even through a global pandemic. As the world is reopening and DJs are back to performing, we are extremely excited to launch this new version of ZIPDJ and provide the most comprehensive DJ Pool for working DJs.”

Here is a look at some of the new features and highlights:

zipdj pro

Software Overhaul

The team’s software engineers have rebuilt the framework from the ground up to bring an all-new music delivery experience to our members, replacing “amazing” with “incredible”! Everything has been optimized for speed and stability making each session run smooth and flawless across all devices and platforms. Additionally, new advanced core logic has been introduced to support a full load-out of new features.

When you first log in to ZIPDJ PRO, you will notice a redesigned homepage which puts new content front and center so you are always up-to-date on the latest and trending tracks.

Want greater control over what you see when you first log-in? ZIPDJ now saves you time with the introduction of Preferences. In this area, you can predefine the page you are directed to when you log in, and even pre-select the genres you are most interested in searching. Streamlining your workflow, and making your experience as unique as your DJing style.

zipdj pro

Advanced Search and Filtering

ZIPDJ has been known for its lightning-fast advanced searching capabilities. From diving through artist, label, and genre links to our free-text search bar, you can find anything you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. The genre filter has been completely redesigned for easier access to the music you’re after, while the free-text search provides the capability of utilizing search operators to drill-down to specific search results from the entire catalog.

Adding to an incredibly powerful music search engine, ZIPDJ PRO also brings the ability to filter and sort results by Key and BPM. Whether you are checking out the Top Downloads, Trending Charts, or browsing by Genre, Label, or Artist, the ability to filter by Key and BPM is invaluable for delivering a perfect set!

zipdj pro

Favorites & Follows

Favorites is an exciting new feature that provides valuable feedback for labels. More importantly to DJs is the fact that this also adds a convenient way for them to flag/mark tracks as they sift through and build their sets. Additionally, the ability to follow artists and labels has been introduced giving you a more tailored experience every time you log in. With thousands of tracks added weekly, these new functions will greatly improve any user’s experience while digging through the catalog.

zipdj pro


Taking the favorites feature a step further, Playlists is a powerful tool allowing you to organize your music into lists.

A smart DJ will always keep his library well organized and indexed. With Playlists, a DJ can now bring this level of organization to the music discovery process! After wrapping up a browsing session, you can easily batch download each list into .zip batched files ignoring all tracks in the list that have been previously downloaded. Playlists help DJs stay organized and open the way for new capabilities in the future.

zipdj pro

Advanced Mobile Optimization

With the introduction of Favorites and Playlists, music discovery/download no longer needs to be a single-session process performed strictly on your computer. Now you can browse, search, discover, and organize on the go before you ever need to hit download. With this in mind, ZIPDJ has greatly improved the platform’s mobile-optimization and cross-platform compatibility. It is a complete rebuild replacing the previous platform!


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