Vincent Barrea

T.H.E Interview – Vincent Barrea

“My music represents freedom and joy! It is capable of giving the impulses which make life interesting and surprising. This allows one to feel solace from their problems and experiences.” says Vincent Barrea, a performer, musician, and dancer. 

Vincent is the opening artist of the new British label Maitre. With each single, he reveals new facets to his work ranging from the fiery club banger Zoom Zoom to the stylish vibrations of the deep house, the hot reggaeton motifs, and the current trends in the world of pop music.Vincent Barrea is a keen music lover. In parallel to the development of his own musical career, he also leads a popular media about indie musicians, Priliv Space.The musician says "I love different music: techno, hip-hop, indie, trip-hop, pop, and even folk.". Over the years, the fascination with unexpected music for Vincent led him to the stage. Today he says that he is fully prepared for this difficult, but fascinating adventure and believes that it will be a beautiful experience.In the past, he has been a successful fashion photographer, an actor in a musical theater and a blogger. In the role of an artist, he summarizes his life experience and impressions and the reflection is good taste, musical erudition, and stage skills.Vincent Barrea works with experienced sound producers and club DJs in the search to add the different facets of their music and at the same time is looking forward to debut on the big stage.

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