Renegade Desert Rave Broke All Rules Of Social Distancing And Mask Mandates Hosting a Weekend Event

Renegade Desert Rave

While the United States remains one of the most highly impacted countries when it comes to Covid-19 even to date, it seems like some event organizers and party-goers seem to have run out of patience.

Now five months down since the world came to a screeching halt and life as we knew as ‘normal’ seems like a thing of the past, stories have begun to come out of people trying to bend and in many cases blatantly breaking the rules put into place for public health and safety.

One such event happened over the weekend in California which is one of the states with the highest infection rates even at the moment. A group hosted a renegade rave event called ReUnite in Mojave, CA over the past weekend. As posts of the event began to surface on social media, the organizers began to face some massive backlash from the community for their irresponsible and illegal behavior. The event was allegedly run by a man named Rick Silver and featured many a DJ’s out in the desert with absolutely no social distancing or masks in the crowd.

As per a number of social media posts that soon began to crop out, the festival was apparently pretending to be a Black Lives Matter Protest to wiggle their way around the legalities of hosting the event.

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There are also reports going around that someone passed away at the event, but this has not yet been confirmed. There was a prevalent rumor that a 50-year-old man passed away due to a failed pacemaker; after minutes of attempted resuscitation, his body was allegedly left on the dancefloor and cordoned off by caution tape. If this is true it takes the disgrace of this event and the attendees at it to another low.

Instagram stories posted by the alleged man behind the event Rick Silver have been screen recorded and shared by twitter user @zachscottjaffe to reveal and document the happenings of the event. Watch them below.

It is pretty obvious that people are at breaking point and have ‘cabin sickness’ and miss their nights at clubs and festivals, but the sooner the reality dawns on people that the longer they attend or have these illicit events, the longer things will NOT go back to normal, the better it is for them, us and the entire industry which is already ailing with the irreversible damage and losses the pandemic has brought with it!

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