Ferreck Dawn & Marco Joosten vs Systematic Parts – Violin De La Nuit


Ferreck Dawn is reviving the heyday of rave music, presenting the classic ‘Violin De La Nuit’, working alongside the original Systematic Parts producer Marco Joosten.

The result is a blazing piece of tech house, receiving DJ support from the likes of Chocolate Puma, EDX and Hardsoul!

Download it here.

The result of this collab is a record that unmistakably blends that classic rave vibe with Ferreck Dawn’s techy grooves, letting the subs go deep as ever, working up to a strong contemporary drop that’s bound to leave any dancefloor breathless.

“Growing up near the Belgian border, I visited clubs in Belgium every week. One of the biggest tracks back then for me was ‘Violin De La Nuit’. I was a such a big fan of that record! I met Marco about 12 years ago in Eindhoven at record store Midtown. Every week I would go and buy new records while Marco was working there. About six months ago I reached out to him, asking if it would be okay to make a 2017 version of his record. He sent me the parts and that resulted in this track! Iā€™m super happy I got to work on one of my favorite tracks ever and thrilled that Marco and Ivo are feeling it too!” – Ferreck Dawn

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