FTampa releases remix pack for ‘Who We Are’


Brazilian DJ and producer FTampa has just launched the new remix pack for his touching track “Who We Are,” complete with four new versions of the summer hit. The tracks are now available to buy and stream on digital audio platforms worldwide.

Stream here.

FTampa invited five upcoming artists that have been gaining prominence in the electronic scene to rework “Who We Are”: 22 Bullets, The Otherz, Seth Wright, Jetlag Music and Wadd DJ. The remix pack offers four beautifully contrasting works that come together to form one synergetic EP.

Talking about the release, FTampa notes “This is a very special song for me, so I decided to invite some of my favorite producers to do the remixes! I am very happy with the result and really looking forward to playing all the versions out.“

More recently, fans were treated to the track’s subsequent official music video – an exciting production that tells the history of the Minas Gerais DJ and his relationship with his mother. Directed by Mess Santos, the video was recorded in Los Angeles, where the producer currently resides.

Launching back in mid-May worldwide “Who We Are” received global support from 25 countries and was included in more than 110 playlists. In just 10 days, the song hit more than 1 million plays on Spotify and currently clocks in at over 4.1 million.


Born in the city of Conselheiro Lafaiete in Minas Gerais, FTampa has opened the eyes of the world to Brazilian electronic music. In 2016, he became the first Brazilian to play on the main stage of Tomorrowland in Belgium. As the producer of great hits like “Our Way”, FTampa has now accumulated more than 80 million streams on digital platforms, more than 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and more than 1 million likes on his Facebook page, branding him one of Brazil’s hottest dance music exports.

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