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Since he was young, French DJ/Producer ARIAS has found in music an incomparable passion for which he decided to dedicate himself entirely. His curiosity leads him to discover the world of musical production that has always been attractive for him.

Part of a new wave of leading progressive house producers to come from France in recent times, Arias recently released his new single, ‘Elephant’ on Steve Angello’s Size Records.

Check out our interview with Arias, where he talks about his new single, and influences of the French dance music culture.

T.H.E – You recently released your new single ‘Elephant’ on Steve Angello’s SIZE Records. Tell us about the creative process behind the track.

Arias – I don’t have a special way to work. Inspiration comes when it comes. It’s something you cannot control. So I had to drink a lot of coffee to have the inspiration coming on this one but I produced it within a week. I tried to create a festival version with the Roxanne acapella. I sent it to Steve, he loved it and the track has been signed within a day.

T.H.E – Describe ‘Elephant’ in 3 words.

Arias – Majestic, Emotional, Profound.

T.H.E – What is it like to release music on a renowned label like SIZE?

Arias – It’s always a great pleasure to supported by people like Steve Angello. Size has a real identity within the electronic music scene, it’s one of the most prestigious label within the Dance Music Scene. It’s not my first release on Size, the first one was « Nation » with Third Party, but yeah the feeling for every single release is the same… I won’t be able to describe it, but I am glad of being a member of the Size Family. 🙂

T.H.E – Who inspired you to start producing music?

Arias – Daft Punk and Hans Zimmer.

T.H.E – How has the French Dance Music Culture influenced you? How does it differ from other dance cultures from around the world?

Arias – The French Dance Music culture influenced me yes, because we have a lof of great producers in France, and this house music scene has been created by people like Laurent Garnier, Bob Sinclar, David Guetta.. So I yeah I got influenced by their music but it was not the music I used to listen to. I was a big fan of the 80’s french music scene. The French music scene has its own codes, the Swedish one has its own codes as well… every music scene is so different but that’s what I like.. You know when every single track sounds like the other… it’s kind of boring and to be honest I don’t really like how the international dance music scene is evolving.. but it is what it is right ?!

T.H.E – If you had the chance to pick any DJ/producer to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Arias – Eric Prydz, definitely. Because through years he knew how to evolve without following any trend. And his music never stoped being amazing.

T.H.E – What are you using in the studio? Do you prefer hardware or software?

Arias – I mainly use Studio One, my MIDI Keyboards and my speakers, but still use FL Studio sometimes. And i have no hardware, it’s too complicated for too small results.

T.H.E – What can fans expect from you for the rest of 2017?

Arias – More music & MORE MUSIC!

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