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Ferry Corsten, what can we not say about this man? 2017 has been magnificent for him.

The year saw him deliver a revolutionary album which changed the way anyone could have even imagined an album being conceptualized. Apart from that of course he toured with his Blueprint shows and his Gouryella shows.

Just as the year ended, we catch up with him and reflect back on the wonderful year he has had and also get a glimpse of what we can look forward to from him in the current year.

Shivani – Hi Ferry! You have had an absolutely brilliant 2017 with Blueprint and your Gouryella project! Are you pleased with how 2017 has panned out?

Ferry Corsten – Thanks. It was a lot of blood sweat and tears to work on both projects, but at the same time I really had a wonderful time working on them. Seeing the release of both projects and it’s success have been great. I remember being quite nervous to see the feedback of my fans on social media but was really happy and at certain moments humbled with the positive feedback and messages. It was great to see how my fans understood the concept and loved it. I’m very pleased at how 2017 went. I was able to finish and release my artist album (and audio book) “Blueprint,” as well as launch the Gouryella 2.0 shows. I also just finished my first film score for a movie entitled “Don’t Go.”

Shivani – This year collectively saw a lot of artists choosing to make a comeback to trance with aliases. You were the first to revive your moniker, Gouryella. How did you make that decision?

Ferry Corsten – I never planned on reviving Gouryella. Although I always did say never say never, I think Gouryella ended up “revealing itself” when I was working in the studio one day. I came up with a melody and a production that really just fit with the Gouryella brand. At that point, I knew that if I didn’t release it as a Gouryella it wouldn’t give justice to the song “Anahera.”

Shivani – If you had the opportunity to have your own stage or night and you could pick any 5 artists from any era, who would they be? Which country would you pick to pull off this performance?

Ferry Corsten – Oh wow. You guys really know how to ask difficult questions. There are so many locations I would love to pick but if I had to pick two, it would probably be the U.S. particularly Los Angeles and Prague. Czech Republic… or maybe Sydney Australia… I assume I would have to pick artists that would fit with my sound ….. so from the past maybe Way Out West since I really loved their productions when trance was up on the rise, and having them on the stage as a band would be cool and unique, Markus Schulz because he’s a brother from another mother and would love to have him with me as well. I love the sound of Ilan Bluestone so he would be great on the line up too…and perhaps DIM3NSION. He’s an upcoming producer/DJ and I’m very impressed with his productions! I guess since it’s my stage I’ll have to play so I’ll be the 5th DJ.

Shivani – It was just your birthday! Tell us how you spent it!

Ferry Corsten – My birthday always falls right after a special holiday here in Holland called “Gift night” or in Dutch “Pakjes avond.” On this special day “Sinterklaas”, or St. Nicholas, comes to children’s houses and gives gifts to children who have been good through out the year. This old Dutch tradition is actually the inspiration of Santa Claus as we know it today. Anyway, seeing that this is a tradition I grew up with, my birthday was spent celebrating this and my birthday together. It was a lot of fun and really sweet to see that everyone celebrated their birthday with me as they got gifts too 😉

Shivani – You will be composing the film score for David Gleeson’s upcoming film. Congratulations! How has the experience been and how did it all happen?

Ferry Corsten – Thanks so much. I just got word from David that the film is officially done. Everything is mixed and signed off on. I can’t wait to watch the final result. I really am very grateful to have had this opportunity to work on a film score and also with a director that I really respect and enjoyed working with. I learned a lot and realized that I enjoy making this type of music as well. I got the opportunity to work on this project as my agency also works in the film industry. With the release of my artist album and audio book “Blueprint,” I guess producers and directors were willing to take a chance and work with me as David did. I definitely hope that I will be able to make more film scores in the future.

Shivani – If you had to walk into your basement some day and you happen to find Vee waiting for you, what would you do?

Ferry Corsten – I would freak out. Totally love it. The whole concept of Blueprint totally works with me being a sci-fi freak. I think I would spend hours talking to her and learning about space and her world. I would become Lucas.

Shivani – At which festival/club did you enjoy playing the most this year?

Ferry Corsten – I had a lot of fun in all the places I played this year, big and small. I think I really am a positive person in the sense that I truly am grateful to be able to do what I do and make a living of my passion and hobby. BUT if I had to pick one this year, it would probably be Transmission. The concept of the show is great and the production is truly astounding. It works with the sound I play.

Shivani – If you had to pass on the legacy of Gouryella to a producer, who do you think has the potential to carry it forward?

Ferry Corsten – Oh wow. Good one, I think it would probably a combination of a couple of artists – Above & Beyond and DIM3NSION.

Shivani – Which track do you think will be the Tune of the Year this time?

Ferry Corsten – Well overall speaking I think it will definitely be Gareth Emery, Standerwick & HALIENE’s Saving Light. The impact that one had on not just the trance scene, but on the dance scene in general, was huge. It was the first trance record to top the general Beatport chart in like a decade. For me personally, it would be my Gouryella single Venera (Vee’s Theme). It was the first single of my Blueprint album that was finished and it means a lot to me personally.

Shivani – What does the new year bring for you? What can we look forward to from you this year?

Ferry Corsten – I’m looking forward to taking my Blueprint album next year out in another dimension by releasing a remix album of the concept. I’ll definitely be asking some of my colleagues this year to give their take. Knowing me, I’ll have a go on a few as well. I’m also working on a new concept called “Unity,” but I’ll give more information about that next year! Aside from that I’ll have my Gouryella 2.0 shows, Blueprint shows and maybe another film score in the making…who knows. I know I’m looking forward to an exciting 2018!.

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