T.H.E Interview – Hollaphonic & Quino


Award winning Dubai based electronic duo Hollaphonic have teamed up with rising Dutch DJ/producer Quino to co-produce the single ‘Don’t Walk Away’.

Listen to it on Spotify.

Their new club smash features the talented Brit Chick and is currently being supported and smashed by Tiesto, Diplo, Sam Feldt, Don Diablo, Lost Frequencies, Max Vangeli and many more.

We have asked them about their year, their music, their influences and what the rest of 2017 has in store for them.

T.H.E – Welcome! How has 2017 been for you so far?

Hollaphonic – Yeah, 2017 has been full of surprises, we’ve been working with a really interesting range of people across the world; from India to Tokyo it feels like our music and production vibe is starting to travel. We’ve got a lot of music waiting to be released, so as anyone that makes music knows, this is pretty frustrating! So 2017 also feels like the year to get some of our more diverse stuff out there and see what the world makes of it.

Quino – Thanks for having us! Actually very good so far! I’ve been very busy with new music in the studio lately.
Focused on finding my own sound. Since last year i’ve been in touch with Somn’thing Records and there are some great opportunities there! Also some nice gigs planned here in The Netherlands. Can’t complain so far!

T.H.E – How did you hook up together for your new single ‘Don’t Walk Away’?

Quino – I got in touch with Hollaphonic through our management. They asked me to do a remix of their track ‘Turn The Lights Down’ (2016).

After that, we met, while I was in Dubai to do a gig at Nasimi Beach. We met in the studio and Greg played me an old recording of ‘Don’t Walk Away’. I liked the idea and wanted to have a go with the demo. That’s where it all started!

Hollaphonic – We had management who were friends and then connected when Quino came out to Dubai. We knew we wanted to do something together but it was just a question of finding the right timing for each of our schedules. DWA was something we’d started and so much promise so it felt natural to collaborate with Quino and see if he could breathe some new life into it and give it some love… which he definitely did, once we got it back from him we were inspired and soon finished it off to what you hear today.

T.H.E – Can we expect more collaboration from you in the future?

Hollaphonic – Definitely, never say never, we’re good mates so again if the schedules work and we can get in the studio this track shows there’s a meeting of minds stylistically, so lets hope so!

Quino – Yes, actually we are already busy with a new project. And I think we will do more projects together in the future.

T.H.E – If you could rub your magic disco ball and go back to anytime in dance music culture which era would recall?

Hollaphonic – I think for us it would be the era of funk and soul; Greg is a massive Michael Jackson fan, but year that funk vibe and that 60’s/70s sound that was coming from deep in the US, that was inspiring to us and we’re always trying to find that big soulful vocal that gives music so much emotion.

Quino – I think I would go back to the 90’s/00’s. Where events such as ‘Sensation’, ‘Dance Valley’ and ‘A State Of Trance’ started. I still listen a lot to the trance music released back then. To me the golden times in the dance music culture.

T.H.E – What do you think to the state of dance music culture right now in your home country?

Hollaphonic – Yeah it’s solid right now, there’s a bit more focus on the music again and people are writing some really good songs. It’s the year of the singer songwriter this year and probably for the next 5 years, so this all makes sense; Dance music and the UK have always had an affinity, our hope is that it moves towards that more MJ Cole UKG sound again but updated obviously.

Quino – There has been changed a lot in terms of sound and styles. A lot of Dutch producers are discovering new influences and genres. It’s all going very fast. A few years ago it all used to be mainly house music / big room. Nowadays dance music producers are producing more pop / singer songwriter songs. Which is good in a way. But as it’s hard to create your own sound these days, I hope the producers will still sound like themselves, with their own identity and their own sound.

T.H.E – Your top 3 locations across the globe in terms of dance music culture?

Hollaphonic –

Quino –
Amsterdam Arena, NL (Sensation, Armin Only)
Velsen Valley, Spaarnwoude, NL (Dance Valley)
Gelredome, Arnhem, NL (Tiesto In Concert)

T.H.E – Your current essential tunes.

Quino –

Tchami – Adieu (Chace Remix)

Joe Stone – Make Love

Charlie Puth – Attention (Bingo Players Remix)

Hollaphonic –

T.H.E – What do you have in store DJ and production wise for the rest of 2017?

Hollaphonic – We are just about to sign a few tracks to a major that should make an impact internationally, then it’s see what happens there for us. We’re enjoying our time working with Somn’thing Records so we’ll probably do some more stuff with them. Then we’ve got tracks with a range of artists from across the planet, including something exciting from India so it’s a busy year and we’re looking forward to getting our teeth stuck into it. We’ve got our new radio show on www.dancefm.com which is aired in the UAE (our home) so that’s another angle we’re really having fun with!

Quino – There is a new release coming, probably at the end of this summer on Somn’thing Records. Also i’m busy with a few new projects including some stuff with Hollaphonic. There are several new opportunities coming up since the release of ‘Dont Walk Away’, so you can definitely find me a lot in the studio this summer. And it would be really cool if we, me and Hollaphonic, could do gigs together! Which is something we are definitely considering.

T.H.E – What have you been up to outside of the studio and away from music?

Hollaphonic – We’ve both got families at home that we try to spend as much time with as possible. Equally we all enjoy our food so are trying to look at a way of investing into that area, our ultimate goal is to own a restaurant and bar as the two Hollaphonic families together and perhaps stick a studio on the top… then life would be pretty epic! Other than that, music affords us to travel so we’ll be trying to explore a lot of new places this year too, so cant wait to hit the road again!

Quino – Actually I love to travel and see the world. I’ve visited Mexico earlier this year and fell in love with the country. The people are really nice and I love the food! I’m planning to see other countries this year too. It’s one of the reasons why I love my job as a producer and dj that much. Other than that, I love to go out with friends, visiting Amsterdam and having fun. Searching for new local craft-beers to try. One of my favorites is Zatte by t’IJ. A Dutch brewery from Amsterdam. Definitely one you all should try!

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