T.H.E Interview – Mark Villa


Not many young producers hit musical milestone after milestone like this guy. Mark Villa (17) entered the scene with a bang playing stages like Tomorrowland (Belgium) and Parookaville (Germany) while busting out massive hits ‘Venture’ and ‘No Mercy’ that same year. Signed exclusively to Mixmash Records and developing his skills rapidly, a bright future awaits this musical protege.

We caught up with the young prodigy at ADE 2017 earlier this year, and entered into a fun game of ‘This Or That!’. Check out our chat below Mark picks between dogs or cats, football or basketball and loads more.

Akshay – Dog or cat?

Mark – Cat

Akshay – Netflix or Youtube?

Mark – Netflix

Akshay – Cardio or Weight?

Mark – Cardio

Akshay – Facebook or Twitter?

Mark – Facebook

Akshay – Mobile games or console games?

Mark – Mobile games

Akshay – iOS or Android?

Mark – iOS

Akshay – Big party or small gathering?

Mark – Big parties

Akshay – Rich friend or a loyal friend?

Mark – Loyal friend

Akshay – Football or basketball?

Mark – Football

Akshay – Nice car or a nice home interior?

Mark – A nice home interior

Akshay – Sneakers or sandals?

Mark – Sneakers

Akshay – Hamburger or taco?

Mark – Hamburgers

Akshay – Car or truck?

Mark – Car

Akshay – Blue or red?

Mark – Blue

Akshay – Amusement Park or day at the beach?

Mark – Day at the beach

Akshay – Pancake or waffle?

Mark – Pancake

Akshay – Coke or Pepsi?

Mark – Coke

Akshay – Phone or Tablet?

Mark – Phone

Akshay – Train or plane?

Mark – Plane

Akshay – Coffee or tea?

Mark – Tea

Akshay – Ocean or mountains?

Mark – Ocean

Akshay – Horror movie or comedy movie?

Mark – Comedy

Akshay – Girlfriend or boyfriend?

Mark – Girlfriend

Akshay – Working alone or working in a team?

Mark – Working alone

Akshay – Motorcycle or bicycle?

Mark – Bicycle

Akshay – TV shows or movies?

Mark – TV shows

Akshay – Amsterdam or the US?

Mark – I never been to the US so I, for now, say Amsterdam but when I go to the US, I might say US.

Listen to Mark’s collaboration with Laidback Luke – Rise, below.

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