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Sergio T’s creativity knows no bounds. The young producer has taken 2018 by the scruff of the neck, showing his immense passion for music and his plan to get everybody in Dance music on his side.

‘Cruel Kids’ is a wonderful example of his work, with bass, beats and brilliant synths taking the lead. He has also started his mash-up sessions, combining popular songs all in a short track – with amazing results. We caught up with Sergio to find out more about the production powerhouse and learn what we can look forward to in the future from him!

T.H.E – So Sergio – where have you found all the inspiration to keep making these great tracks the last few months?

Sergio T – Hello! First of all, thanks for this amazing interview opportunity! Inspiration for me is a very common thing that I can find in almost everything in life! From going out for a drink, to having a walk by the sea! Listening to loads of beautiful music inspires me too! Music is a form of expression for me and the key thing is; the more exciting and full life you have, the more the inspiration will occur!

T.H.E – We love this one; do you think it’s one of your favourites?

Sergio T – Sure! ‘Cruel Kids’ is one of my favourites, and it’s kind of different from my usual style. I tend to make more vocal focused music but going with a pure club track was always an idea! And as I found out that the result was good for my taste, I will keep on doing it for sure.

T.H.E – Influences are important, but this has such an innovative sound. How do you describe the Sergio T sound?

Sergio T – This is actually a question that I don’t have a proper and clear answer for! Loads of people, many times, told me that they can identify my tunes and, even if they don’t know they are mine, they can tell they are! I don’t know how this happens and it’s probably the outcome of my personal way of expressing and writing music! I tend to use inspiration from other tunes but only in a way to get ideas and never to copy!

T.H.E – Was it an easy track to start and finish, or did it take a while?

Sergio T – It was actually tricky until I decided the final melody for the drop. I had like 10 alternatives and I couldn’t decide! I had a bunch of friends here to help because I was really confused, but after that it didn’t take long.

T.H.E – In terms of production, did you try out anything new in the track?

Sergio T – I always try new things; from picking new sounds, using new music theory tricks, to even approaching the technical part (mixing) in another way! I have some usual techniques that I know will work but before that I try new stuff and, if they don’t work, I go back to the classics! The big new thing was the distortion on the lead sax which I’ve tried before, but this time I released the song with it!

T.H.E – Do you have any tracks coming up in the next few months we should listen out for?

Sergio T – Last week I released ‘Sergio T & Chris Karr feat Jasmine Knight – Domino’ , a Nu Disco/Funky tune with an old school vibe, but with fresh sounds! And many more remixes and originals are about to come – especially after summer!

T.H.E – Are you looking forward to playing this one at any shows in the festival season?

Sergio T – Sure! I’ve played it already quite a few times at shows and I can tell that the feedback is really good so far! And especially during summer I think it will work even better!

Last but not least, where can we get our hands on the track?

Sergio T – This track was released as a freebie so you can grab it from my personal account on Soundcloud! It’s also available on streaming platforms so it’s really easy to listen to!

T.H.E – Thanks Sergio!

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