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adassiya interview

French producer, DJ & vocalist Adassiya returns, after dropping her last cut ‘Intoxicate‘ earlier in the year. This time around, she presents ‘Human‘, a more laid back & Tropical feeling affair – as Autumn sets in across the northern hemisphere.

Read our chat with Adassiya, as we talk about “Human”, and how she made the transition from being a singer to a music producer.
T.H.E – Hey Adassiya, welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials.

Adassiya – Hello, thank you for inviting me.

T.H.E – You began your career as a singer in your teenage years, what prompted you to then move into music production – or was it a natural progression?

I started to compose my first album when I was 15. The melodies came naturally in my head and I worked the lyrics but I was limited because I did not play any instrument. So I worked alone the piano and then to be as independent as possible I started production. Because no one else can hear what’s playing in my head.

T.H.E – How did you find making the transition from the hip-hop scene, into electronic music?

Adassiya – When music is a passion, you will not stick to just one kind. To be honest my first recorded track in the studio was techno music haha I was 12 years old back then.

But my first love was soul and RnB, so naturally, my first collaborations were with urban music artists. It was during my DJ classes that I really started to discover house music.

I immediately loved it because in the house music there is a soul while respecting the codes you can flourish by mixing different styles. it’s freedom!

T.H.E – In your experience, is it important for a producer to be a DJ as well?

Adassiya – What is important as a producer is to be able to play your songs live. It does not matter whether it’s behind decks or whatever. DJing and singng are the means of expression that I chose.

T.H.E – We love the tropical vibes that your new single ‘Human’ brings. What would you say is the kind of sound that defines you as an artist?

Adassiya – I think my 1st identity is my voice. Then there is always in my music a small Afro note. It depends on my inspiration. The oriental touch can be in the choice of the instruments like the oud, violins or darbouka and sometimes it can be just by singing.

T.H.E – Having traveled across the world, which has been your favourite cities and crowds to play at?

Adassiya – I am a child of the world, it is true that I feel like home everywhere. It is difficult to give my preferences because each place has its own singularity. I love all Eastern countries, it is a culture that gets to me mostly because I have Algerian origins. I had a real favorite for Beirut. This city is magical, it is a mix between Eastern and Western culture. I completely recognize myself. I also loved Ibiza, the vibe of it. On this island, you feel free … free to be who you are. The majority of people are life lovers.

And of course Asia, Japan, and Seoul. So different cultures, their codes. We have a lot to learn from them.

T.H.E – Lastly, what would be your top 3 highlights of 2018?

Adassiya – My three highlights of the year 2018 the most intense were first the release of my EP. This project represents the birth of Adassiya. It was a real challenge for me. I am happy to have gone through this adventure and it is only the beginning.

Then, when I played “Intoxicate” live for the first time and the audience went into a trance on my track! The feeling is hard to explain but the connection with people was like « whouaaaou »

And the third event is the birth of my niece :)


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