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Alchimyst interview

During ADE 2019, I had the opportunity to interview an amazing duo, Julien and David, that form “Alchimyst”.

With their energetic Psytrance sound, they always try to stay close to the authentic spiritual side of Psy music. We had a little chat about their latest release and their future plans! Definitely a duo to keep your eye out for!!

Elsi – Hi guys and welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials! How have you been enjoying ADE so far?

Julien – It’s been great.

Elsi – Was it your first ADE?

Julien – No. My second time, probably Dave’s third or fifth time.

Elsi – Are you guys based in the US?

Julien – I’m in the United States!

David – And I’m in Zurich!

Elsi – Oh, okay. So how does that working together go then? You do a lot remotely and send things over to each other?

Julien – We have Dropbox and matching studios.

Elsi – Aaah, ok! You just brought out a new track “Karuna” on the 11th of October. How did that come about? Does it have a special story?

David – This does have a story actually. I was driving in the car one time and I heard someone sing Mantras on the radio. Usually, I don’t listen to the radio and I was like, okay, that could be something for us, right? So, we called the number that’s listed in the phone book for Dechen, that’s how we got together and that’s how it all started. The whole creation of the track took quite a lot of time. So, I would say we spent at least half a year on it from the first idea to have the final product. We had to do a lot of revisions and rerecords but that’s how this came to be. It was a desire for us to work with very authentic artists and Dechen’s main focus is mantra singing. She’s the daughter of a Tibetan Lama and her mother was pregnant with her when she fled Tibet, so we tried to really go for the most authentic sound we could go for and work with people that actually stand for this. It’s their mission to bring this to people and we tried to get that into our sound as well.

Elsi – Wow, that’s amazing! And you (Julien) being based in the States and you (David) in Switzerland, when you have to do shows, how does that work as you’re on different sides of the world?

Julien – We’ve really been doing producing more so than anything. But the beauty of us being in two different parts of the world is if shows are in Europe and the budget doesn’t allow for it, Dave can play Europe if shows are more on my side of the world and in the United States I can do them. So quite convenient actually.

Elsi – And the past summer, have you done any Psy festivals?

Julien – Well, the next one that we’re doing is going to be an April. It’s going to be a desert party in the Mojave Desert in California.

Elsi – Nice!!

Julien – Yeah! True authentic Psy experience!

Elsi – Indeed! And I understand that Psy is quite big in Brazil as well. Is it an ambition to perform there one day?

Julien – Yeah, that was the whole ambition for coming to ADE. We had a great meeting with one of the biggest booking agencies out of Brazil. And we’ll see how that goes for us. But yes, Brazil is definitely the very, very top of the list.

Elsi – And do you guys have any plans to release any new tracks?

Julien – Currently we have about six or seven tracks that are in the pipeline. So we have a complete full release schedule for all of 2020, it’s completely full!

Elsi – And when exactly is the next one coming out, do you know yet?

Julien – So the next one we’re going to figure out when we get back home because we have quite a few labels that really want us to release with them right now. So, once we get back, we’re going do the logistics of it all and make sure that everybody’s happy. But yeah, probably very, very soon. I would say within the next two months at the latest.

Elsi – Well, I guess everyone will have to keep their ears and eyes out for it then! And yeah, once it’s out, just let us know and we can put something nice up on the website!

Julien – Yeah, that would be great.

David – We actually just did a free download track that we started working on the last time I was at his place in the States. We put the Greta Thunberg speech sample on it. Apparently, a lot of people have been doing that now, but yeah, it’s a free download. It just came out last week called “The world”.

Elsi – I’ll make sure to add a link!
Thank you very much for this interview! And I hope we’ll see your name posted somewhere in Brazil then soon!

Julien – Yeah, thanks and if you want to follow us check out:

We do a lot of free downloads, bootlegs for the fans. So always keep your eye out on the socials because we like to give back, so thank you.

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