T.H.E Interview – Alex Parker & Alexandra Stan

alex parker & alexandra stan interview

Signed to Universal Music, Romania – Alex Parker & Alexandra Stan team up on infectious new single ‘Home Alone’ (Macaulay Culkin).

Taking inspiration from the much loved classic movie, we caught up with Alex & Alexandra to discuss their latest project and more!

T.H.E – Hi Alex and Alexandra! Thanks for joining us today & welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials! Can you introduce yourselves to our readers, share a little about your respective journeys into the industry & how you met?

ALEX – Hi guys, nice to hear from you! I’m Alex Parker (like Peter Parker but swap the spider-sense with musical super-powers), a chameleonic personality in both hairstyles and musical genres. Got some songs under my songwriter/ producer belt, actually I think there are over 100, but who cares lol, that’s why I made up the artist project in the end, to get out of the studio haha! Obviously, we met 6 years ago in a song writing camp. Pretty retro story, everybody meets in the Metaverse nowadays, even Tinder got old. *sights*

Alexandra – Thank you for having us! Oh, wow, my journey into the industry has been really eventful. I started off at a very young age, because I knew this is what I liked and what I wanted to pursue as a career. You could say I’m living the dream. From local festivals I went to having one of the most successful songs coming from a Romanian artist, “Mr. Saxobeat”. I have a community of people around the world that support my work and encourage me every day to be my best version. We started our collaboration with the track “Synchronize” and we just clicked so well, that we decided to release another song together hahaha.

T.H.E – Let’s discuss your latest collaborative release together, ‘Home Alone’ (Macaulay Culkin) – can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track & what brought you together for this project?

ALEX – Talking about that song writing camp, that’s also where I made the Macaulay Culkin song! Together with my good ol’ friend, Marius Moga, we thought about getting a “Home Alone” vibes song. Some people may say that this is a Christmassy BOP, others believe it could also work in the summer. I mean you can always “pull a Macaulay Culkin” (like the lyrics say), right? IMHO this track is a good-vibe statement that you can play whenever you need an instant cheer-up!

Alexandra – Alex came with the idea to make this track together and I loved it from the first listening. The inspiration behind it is, of course, probably the most famous Christmas movie “Home Alone” starring no other than Macaulay Culkin. For me, this movie means a lot of special memories that I share with my loved ones and I re-watch this movie every year around Christmas time. With this song, I wanted to create another beautiful and cheerful memory linked to this movie, but this time, one that I can share with everybody and one that everybody can relate to and sing along.

T.H.E – Alex, when it comes to your polished production style which element(s) come first in your process – the drop, the breakdown, build, melody or something else?

ALEX – Don’t wanna flex too much my skills around here, but hey! I’m a pianist, guitarist, beat-maker and the list goes on. I can basically start the song from anywhere I want. But, I think getting inspiration and making something that delivers a vibe it’s what matters.

T.H.E – Alexandra, you have a distinctive & unique sound which we love – can you share a little about your song writing process & how this has developed over time?

Alexandra – I think that like a fine wine, the writing process gets better with time. I’ve learned how to dig deeper into my experiences and feelings and put them on paper. I am more organised now with my thoughts, so it’s easier to access the exact feeling that I want to share through a specific song. Take for example my latest single “Tokyo”. Instead of mourning over my breakup and let myself be trapped into these negative feelings, I went in a concert tour in Tokyo and wrote a song about it hahaha.

T.H.E – Over the years, you’ve both released numerous solo productions as well as a variety of collaborations with different artists – do you prefer one over the other?

ALEX – As a producer-project I’m obviously more into getting collabs. An Alex Parker song where I also sing would be overkill… or maybe not? Actually, this is a great idea, Calvin Harris beware!!!

Alexandra – In my opinion, whether the song is a solo or a collaboration is less important. What matters the most to me is the message and the vibe that song is giving. I like collaborating and meeting up with people. Every interaction that I have makes me more open and richer in knowledge and ideas. I get to learn and be inspired by the talented people I get to work with. There is never an actual solo, because I still work with other people to release that song. The track is only the final product, but the process is more or less the same.

T.H.E – Could you describe your signature sounds, in three words for us?

ALEX – OB6, Juno-60, DX7. Are these even words?

Alexandra – Fun, uplifting, and authentic.

T.H.E – Do you feel the music scenes from your homelands have influenced your sound & are there any artists / DJs that have particularly inspired you?

ALEX – I believe my project’ sound has nothing to do with the homelands. I’ve always been inspired by the US culture. If you’ll dive deeper into my songwriter credits, you’ll find dozens of relatable songs regarding Romania’s sound, but as far as Alex Parker goes, we’re aiming for Billboard, baby!

Alexandra – We’ve always had great artists in Romania and I’m really proud to be part of the same industry. Of course, I looked up to many of them when I was little and I was trying to find my own path in music. I can’t name anyone in particular, it was the best of both worlds from local and international artists. I believe that as an artist, you should allow yourself to be inspired. It’s the little spark that gets all the other great ideas ignited.

T.H.E – And finally, looking ahead into 2022 and beyond – what’s next in the pipeline, any goals or exclusive news you can share with us?

ALEX – Alex Parker goes back to its roots! Live music, stronger messages, pop-rock and even more! Stay tuned! The best is yet to come!

Alexandra – I’m beyond excited for 2022. I’m going to release my new album, “Rainbows”, which is different from everything that I’ve done previously. All I can say now is that you should expect a lot of surprises coming your way. I can’t wait to share with everyone what I’ve prepared for this very special project to me. So far, 2022 is looking colourful 😉


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