T.H.E Interview – ALISHA

alisha interview
© Photography by Daisy Denham (www.daisydenham.co.uk)

Alisha discusses “Changes”, musical influences and why she supports Arsenal.

Aditya – Hello, we’re glad to have you for this interview. How were the last couple of months for you?

Alisha – Glad to be talking to you, so thanks for having me. The past couple of months have been nice and relaxed. I nice quiet period of time starting off the year which is good for me as I like to get myself back into a routine. I have played some shows in Dubai and Switzerland, and I’m just getting back into it now ready for summer!

Aditya – I had the opportunity to listen to ‘Changes’, it’s a vibey house tune! What’s the creative behind the track?

Alisha – Thank you! It’s quite different to anything I’ve made before. But I really let the iconic vocal do the work on this one. I made sure the beat was groovy but not overpowering. I actually made the track quickly, I think in a few hours it all just came together so nicely. And I knew when I heard the vocal it would only be for one label only!

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Aditya – Are you considering to print the same on Vinyl?

Alisha – Yes, I’m really happy that this release will be both digital and vinyl.

Aditya – Could you share a bit about your upcoming EP?

Alisha – So, ‘Changes’ comes out on the 28th April with my original mix as well as a remix from the legend Mike Dunn, who takes a completely different approach with the track which I absolutely love! Really gives the EP some diversity.

Aditya – You’ve gained a lot of recognition for you work being a female DJ in a largely dominated male industry. Could you describe some of the difficulties you’ve encountered and how you overcame them?

Alisha – I have been very lucky to be honest and don’t really see much of the female/male divide with myself personally. Barriers do happen which you have to overcome but I believe sometimes this isn’t to do with gender most of the time. It can be scary coming into an industry like this but as long as you have a great team and people alongside you, the worlds your oyster!

Aditya – Who are your influences and why?

Alisha – In the industry people like Jamie Jones, East End Dubs for the music side of things as the Paradise / Eastenderz parties and sound has carved mine to what it is today. Peggy Gou is a massive influence for me also especially for her fashion. I love her style and she just pulls anything off.

Aditya – Last year, you’ve spun at Creamfields, Parklife, and more. How do you feel about that? And, what’s in the pipeline this year?

Alisha – I love every festival I play. As I’ve come from the dancefloor myself and been to most of these festivals as a raver it’s great to be on the other side of the decks experiencing the artist side. Lots in the pipeline this year, playing Creamfields again, We Are Fstvl, Elrow Town & also some great festivals in Spain too!

Aditya – What do you see as the future of electronic music, and where do you see your own career heading in the next few years?

Alisha – Honestly each year is different, and I can never determine what is going to come next. I just hope for more growth in my career of course as that’s what I’m aiming for. Releasing music that people love and DJ’s want to play out also. And yeah, just entering new territories and showcasing my sound!

Aditya – Lastly, which is your favourite football team and why?

Alisha – Arsenal. From an early age my uncle basically told me that was the team I was going to support, and the rest is history. I love watching football & Arsenal are just superb to watch as always!


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