T.H.E Interview – AmPm

ampm interview

AmPm talk about “Streets Of Tokyo”, upcoming album, and more.

Aditya – Hey guys, we’re glad to have you for this interview. How was the first half of this year for you?

AmPm – I went by so fast. We were busy with production and surprisingly summer came up on us without us realizing it. We hardly remember the beginning of this year at all.

Aditya – I’m listening to ‘Streets of Tokyo’, your latest track which has just been released, the track sounds really fresh! What’s the creative process behind this tune?

AmPm – We first produced the track and then passed it on to Michael Kaneko, who created the lyrics and topline. We produce pretty much the same way every time. On top of that, we sent him an idea with pictures to help him understand the music’s vibe that we were going for. We’ve worked with Michael many times and are used to working with each other, so it was a smooth process all the way from start to finish.

Aditya – The track is a primer on the upcoming album, could you share more info on that?

AmPm – ‘Traveling Without Moving’ is the concept and we are producing the album in a way that will make you feel as if you were traveling. The album is based on four cities that have greatly influenced us as AmPm. Also, as it is true for all songs on the album, many of them will be more upbeat than our previous songs.

Aditya – How would you describe Tokyo in three words?

AmPm – Chaotic, busy, and hopeful

Aditya – You are the only Japanese Act to perform on ‘Spotify on Stage’ in Indonesia, how do you feel about that?

AmPm – It was a special experience for us that remains in our memories. This event led us to have a strong interest in Indonesia, and this experience made us appreciative of the people in Indonesia. Since the event, we haven’t been back to Indonesia yet, but in the near future, our goal is to visit Indonesia again and hold a concert.

Aditya – You have a plethora of releases, which is your favorite track and why?

AmPm – That is a difficult question. There are as many emotions and memories as there are songs. The impression you get from songs also depending on the time and the situation in which you are listening.

We especially believe that our songs are considerate of the feelings we have in our daily lives, and that you might find goodness in the music if you listen to these songs while doing something in your daily life.

Aditya – Who are your influences and why?

AmPm – We both have different influences.

One of us have been influenced by American culture, so Michael Jackson will be one of the best International figures and a major inspiration. The other has been influenced by British culture, so The Beatles would be another one of those major influences.

Nevertheless, both of us are more influenced by artists who are recognized as legends more so than by recent artists. What these legends have in common is that they always tried their best to challenge new things and change the norm. Their way of thinking and dynamics are something we think we always need to learn from.

Aditya – What’s the idea behind the masks? It’s really unique.

AmPm – There are many reasons, but if we would have to pick a reason, it’s to show anonymity. Appearance is very important when working as an artist. But on the other hand, that could lead to stereotypes based on gender, nationality, and appearance. We kept ourselves anonymous, hoping that people would simply enjoy our music. That’s why we decided to wear masks.

Aditya – What’s your studio setup? Any specific plugin/gear you cannot work without?

AmPm – We keep the set really simple so that it can adapt to many different things at all times. Also, we are a team of a few members with track producers, so the members’ equipment will vary, depending on the songs that we produce.

If we had to point out one equipment, it would probably be earphones or headphones to judge the excellence of the music when it’s finished. Judging the overall balance of the song by the sound we’re used to hearing. We didn’t choose speakers because we tend to check while walking around and listening to multiple locations.

Aditya – Lastly, favourite part of the Japanese culture?

AmPm – The part where we can access new manga and anime before anywhere else, as well as being able to casually eat various delicious meals from all over the world.


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