T.H.E Interview – Angel Parilli

angel parilli interview

In this exclusive quickfire interview, we delve into the world of the talented Producer and DJ Angel Parilli.

As we gain an insight into his personal favourites, revealing his preferences and the standout moments of his career so far, Angel Parilli shares what he hopes to achieve next and uncovers the Artists that continue to influence his sound, creativity, and musical approach. As he continues to make powerful waves across the landscape of the genre, this refreshing talent comes as a welcome addition to Electronic Music, fast establishing himself as an innovative creator to keep an eye on.

So, join us to discover more about the story behind Angel Parilli.

T.H.E – DJing or Producing?

Angel Parilli – I can’t choose one. DJing is my euphoric connection with humanity. Producing is my ME time where I lay down all my thoughts.

T.H.E – Vinyl or Digital?

Angel Parilli – Digital.

I like vinyl. But I’m always jumping and hyping the crowd; I can’t do vinyl because I’m afraid to touch them with my headphones cable or my shirt or anything, hahaha.

T.H.E – Favourite release?

Angel Parilli – ‘Camel Milk’, mostly because the cheap music video was so much fun to film, and the name of the song, LOL.

T.H.E – Top three Artists of all time?

Angel Parilli – Three that strongly influenced me: Michael Jackson, Slash, and Chester Bennington.

T.H.E – Most used piece of music equipment?

Angel Parilli – Midi Guitar. I record most of my songs with it. It’s more fun for me than a MIDI keyboard.

T.H.E – Favourite genre to produce in?

Angel Parilli – Electronic Music.

T.H.E – Three fun facts about yourself?

Angel Parilli – I hate the taste of tomato, but I like tomato sauce.
– I understand a lot when people speak Chinese Mandarin.
– I like Mariachi & Rancheras music.

T.H.E – Earliest musical memory?

Angel Parilli – The first Rock band I put together with friends. We were playing covers. In the middle of playing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ from Guns N’ Roses, right when the faster part of the solo riff came, I used to play the solo with the guitar on the back of my neck; everyone went crazy, like beyond crazy when I did that. Still today, I remember vividly and perfectly the face of this one dude carried and moved by this huge crowd towards the stage; he was holding a beer can, and when he was close enough, he started shaking and throwing his beer all over as he yelled, “Eres la merma coño e’ tu madre, eres lo mejor perrito!” Haha, which in Venezuelan Spanish slang means “You are the shit mother f#%^, you are the best dog” hahaha. Of course, I got beer all over my arms and guitar.

T.H.E – Standout moment of your career so far?

Angel Parilli – There are many because I cherish every single second of my life. But I believe it was very fulfilling when I played in a different country for the first time, and after feeling a bit worried, the whole time thinking about “how many active fans do I have in this place that will actually come to the show?”…. then the show was packed and they yelled my name. That’s a standout moment for me personally.

T.H.E – The career milestone you hope to achieve next?

Angel Parilli – I’ve been producing a lot, hibernating in the studio, and only performing at the events I produced at DNA Music Entertainment. My next milestone is to start touring, whether it’s in the US, Latin America, or Europe.

We wrap up our interview by thanking Angel Parilli for his time and allowing us a small glimpse into his creative realm. With a commitment to keep evolving and cementing his place within Electronic Music, make sure to stay tuned for more from this exciting talent as Angel Parilli continues to embark on a musical journey fuelled by passion, purpose, and ambition.


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