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anna tur interview

Anna has had a link with music since she was a young girl, starting her artistic career in 2010.

Nowadays, her name appears in the booths of the best clubs in the underground scene, a fact which has helped her to catapult to international fame, and means that she is living in unending activity, accumulating performances in the five continents. visiting the best clubs and festivals of the planet.

Her livestreams often show her passion for music, making her energy on the sets evident.

In June 2020, she launched a new radioshow which is broadcasted in the top electronic music stations of the world, called “On Air with Anna Tur”.

We caught up with Anna Tur to discuss various topics including her livestream events, her radio show “On Air With Anna Tur” and more.

Pavan – A warm welcome to you Anna, to T.H.E Interviews. We’re quite excited to be talking to you. It’s been quite a busy time for you over the past few months, we’d like to hear from you what’s happening.

Anna Tur – Hello everyone and thank you very much for giving me the space for that interview.
Honestly, I’m in a very intense and exciting time professionally. I’m doing a lot of work in the studio and founding a new record label. Together with my producer and dj friends Gonçalo and Hosse, we’ve made a perfect trio to get us on track in the production of this new adventure. Also, I’m starting to have requests for summer, winter 2021 and even for 2022 already. The industry wants to move and I think I will have my little space to get back to work making “my people” enjoy it.

Pavan – Your recent live streaming events have caught the attention of one and all, what do you have to share about it to the T.H.E fam?

Anna Tur – All these streaming productions have been made with all my love. Receiving the warmth and affection of the people who follow me, who ask you to accompany them with music… I have looked for very special places that are part of my life; the broadcasting centre where all the radio antennas of Ibiza are located, my house in the countryside, Formentera… and others that I am preparing. As much as “real life” starts soon, I want to keep working on the online format. There are many people who don’t have the opportunity to come and see you, but they are the best fans of these streamings and appreciate that you generate content for them.

Pavan – You’ve been featured on Plastik Galaxy’s ‘Rebel’, with your collaborative effort ‘Respond’. Tell us more about that track.

Anna Tur – I’m very grateful to be part of the Rebel Annual 2020 and special because just before Covid 19, Kremlin in Portugal (Lisbon) was one of the last places I was playing with Dub Tiger, who is the owner of the Plastik Galaxy label, there was a great flow. They treated us great there and I’m delighted to be part of this release.

Pavan – Interestingly you’ve collaborated with Unreleased Electronic Wear for some really cool merchandise! What do we have in store?

Anna Tur – Yes, it’s been the best way to start 2021. In the middle of the pandemic, the owner of Unreleased, Raul, who is very enterprising and knows how to find moments for good opportunities, decided to trust in me and other artists to make a capsule collection of 5 pieces and also, I’ve been able to collaborate in the designs and test qualities, so I’m happy for the results and also, all the t-shirts and sweatshirts are selling very well. I am very grateful.

Pavan – From Resident Advisor’s feature on Ibizan nightlife to Mixmag’s Turkish collection, you’ve been in the news for the right reasons! What inspires you to keep going strong always?

Anna Tur – I like you to tell me this, because I’ve been asking myself that too.

Since my departure from Ibiza Global Radio exactly one year ago now, there is not a week that goes by without things happening around me; social debates in regional and national mainstream media, my close collaboration in Dazn with the documentary of our football team UD Ibiza, which is now about to be promoted to the second division. Pioneer DJ has given me a special role in a documentary that started filming before covid and they are still filming now the evolution of covid since last summer and in which I have continued to participate. Many other media in Latin America, Spain, England, France… the truth is that I am surprised that I have been featured so much in the press. Apart from the work of a great team around me.

Pavan – On Air with Anna Tur celebrates the 35th episode – what can we expect from you in the coming days?

Anna Tur – The truth is that this podcast, which I do every week with all my passion, has had a great reception. It is the most intimate meeting with my old listeners along with others who have discovered me recently. At least, my version as a communicator. It has created a very nice community that continues to grow. I’m happy about that. There are a lot of surprises around radio and me in the coming months. I hope to be able to tell you about them soon. Thank you very much for the interview. A big hug. Be safe & love!

Pavan Kumar


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