T.H.E Interview – ARTY

ARTY Interview

Always one to illustrate the struggles of life with a silver lining, electronic music phenomenon ARTY is back with another masterpiece featuring singer-songwriter Cimo Fränkel.

We caught up with Artem about this song, and his plans for ADE 2019. Read on!

T.H.E – Hey Artem! How’s it going? What have you been upto?

ARTY – Everything is going great!  This summer I had pretty intense traveling all over the world, but now I’m back in the studio and I can finally finish up all of the music ideas I got on the road.

T.H.E – ADE is right around the corner. What have you got planned for that week?

ARTY – I’m playing a show with my very close friends Matisse & Sadko and I’m also I’m doing an Armada Invites show, and in terms of the parties that’s about it. For me, this year’s ADE is definitely more business/meetings oriented. It’s going to be nice having all my industry friends and family together in the same place at the same time.

T.H.E – We love your new single with Cimo Frankel – Daydreams. How did it come about?

ARTY – Sophie, Cimo, and Rik sent me this top line idea about a year ago and I immediately fell in love with it! We did couple of lyric tweaks together and since then I’ve been working on production on my own. I think it’s one of those tracks, that takes you very little time to come up with the first version, because you’re very inspired by the vocals, but it takes a whole lot more time to get it fully done. It took about a year from start to finish, but I’m very satisfied with final result.

T.H.E – How was it working with Cimo? Did you guys just hit off in the studio?

ARTY – Cimo is an extremely gifted singer and songwriter, working with him is super easy and always inspiring. In fact, we have many more songs that we’re working on together at this moment.

It’s kinda rare when you share the same vibes in the studio, when it makes things easier and so much more productive, and that’s definitely the case with Cimo and Rik.

T.H.E – What is the track about, “Daydreams”?

ARTY – It’s a song about us being in very tough places in our lives, when we lose the desire to live and struggle to enjoy the little things that made us happy before. But then you find this very special person who changes everything. This person brings you to the light and shows you back to the path you lost track of.I’ve personally experienced these moments in my life and I’m sure many people have as well, and that’s why I think “Daydreams” is such a special song.

T.H.E – Did you get a chance to play it during your summer tours? How did fans react to it?

ARTY – I did play it a lot and every single time I saw incredible reaction from my fans even though they didn’t know this song at all, or that it was even mine. And when you see that kind of reaction, you know that you’re on the right path.

T.H.E – From a production point of view, what can we expect towards the end of 2019?

ARTY – There is so much more music to come! It’s hard to say how many releases I’m gonna be able to put out, but I’m working on the new big EP, which will be about 4 to 6 tracks.  I also made a lot of music with my friends, which are more club oriented, so I’m excited to share these records with my fans.



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