T.H.E Interview – Asher Postman

asher postman interview

Asher Postman Interview

A relatively new face in the music industry but one to look out for nonetheless is Asher Postman.

Back on Armada Music with his latest release “Walk Away”, Postman has once again teamed up with Annelisa Franklin on vocals.

While his claim to fame was his viral remixes of the “Dubai Was Lit” and “The Walmart Yodeling Kid” memes on YouTube, he proved his worth with some stunning releases such as his previous release on Armada Music with “Say” and now “Walk Away.”

We discussed everything from his early inspirations to what his fans can expect from him in 2020, and also what’s on his bucket list in terms of which major festival he wants to play at next!

Melody – Hey Asher, It’s a pleasure to connect! This is such an uncertain time in the world amidst the Global Coronavirus Pandemic. How’re you coping with it and what are you working on under quarantine?

Asher Postman – Not too bad actually. I went home from Nashville to my parents’ farm in Michigan, and I’m currently still there. I brought my studio so I’m able to relax and keep creating!

Melody – From a viral YouTuber to releasing music on Armada music! Walk us through the journey and how it all began.

Asher Postman – I’ve had the dream of releasing music on a label since before I started making YouTube videos, so it’s super rewarding! A few years ago I started posting comedy music/meme videos and they just seemed to hit a stride. I capitalized on that strategy, and that has brought so many fans and connections. Paired with my non-meme artistry, having that YouTube audience really helped capture the attention of industry people as well!

Melody – You just dropped “Walk Away” on Armada Music, tell us a little more about the track.

Asher Postman – This track is really special to me, and kind of unexpected. I sent the original version (which was produced more “pop alternative”) to Armada Music, and they wanted to hear the same song with more of a dance aesthetic. That forced me to re-approach the song in a backwards way and it made all the ideas really fresh. It has an unexpected mix of sounds and feels.

Melody – This is your second time collaborating with Annelisa Franklin after the success of “Say”. What is the creative process like working with her on your music?

Asher Postman – Magical. We have never written a bad song together. We’re really comfortable sharing ideas with each other, and there’s something about our individual styles that mesh together in a unique way. We will always keep writing songs together.

Melody – How did you get around to remixing famous memes like the viral “Dubai was Lit” and “The Yodeling Walmart Kid” which ended up becoming what brought you into the spotlight?

Asher Postman – I was a nobody when I remixed Dubai was Lit. It was just a fun little song I wanted to make. It made me laugh super hard while I was creating the remix, so I knew it was special. After that blew up on YouTube I had a good reputation, so when the Walmart yodeling kid presented himself, I was ready for it and the fans/Internet embraced it instantly.

Melody – What is the one festival on the top of your bucket list you’d like to play in the near future?

Asher Postman – I would love to play Lollapalooza. I went last year and all I could think about is what it would be like to be on stage.

Melody – If you had to pick one person who inspired you the most in your musical career who would you say it is?

Asher Postman – Madeon. I’ve been obsessed with his music and creativity since I started producing. His production quality is so far ahead of anyone else, and it continually inspires me to be better.

Melody – What advice do you have for creators and producers out there right now during these extremely trying times for the music industry and the world in general?

Asher Postman – Don’t sit around and watch TV everyday. We have unlimited resources that are available even at home. This is a perfect time to perfect a craft or develop new skills. As far as personal life goes, be smart and conscious about your health. Look out for and help others, and don’t give in to fear! This will pass eventually!

Melody – What’s in store for Asher Postman fans to look forward to in 2020?

Asher Postman – New music with me singing on my own productions…!

We have made a special playlist to help you stay engaged, and stay at home during this lockdown, you can stream it here.

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