T.H.E Interview – Avi Sic

avi sic interview

DJ and Producer Avi Sic has been making waves in the scene, especially with her brand-new release ‘With You’, and it is definitely not one to miss out on.

Avi Sic is no stranger to the dance music ecosphere, with her impressive career accolades including 300 annual performances in some of the most prestigious clubs and events.

This is backed by a discography of impressive hits including a remix of ‘All On Me’ with Sammy Adams, and some of her own work like ‘This Feeling’ constantly turning heads from fans and professionals in the same regard.

With repeated success taking her career up to new heights, it is clear that Avi Sic is one to look out for–her style is constantly evolving and with a decade of experience, she has well and truly earned her place within the industry.

T.H.E – Best gig you’ve played?

Avi Sic – Supporting act for Diplo in Vegas

T.H.E – Favourite venue?

Avi Sic – Prysm Nightclub (Chicago)

T.H.E – Best childhood memory?

Avi Sic – Vacations in Maine on the Ocean

T.H.E – CDJ or Vinyl?

Avi Sic – CDJ’s but if you asked me 5 years ago I would have said turntables. I really like technology.

T.H.E – Ibiza or Miami?

Avi Sic – Miami, I’ve never been to Ibiza (yet).

T.H.E – Funniest career moment?

Avi Sic – Randomly running into Steve Aoki in a vacant parking garage backstage at a festival. No one else was around. He was trying to find the stage and I was looking for a bathroom. We helped each other out lol.

T.H.E – Biggest inspiration?

Avi Sic – Madonna, she is an icon.

T.H.E – Favourite food?

Avi Sic – Slice of NYC pizza – just cheese

T.H.E – Biggest mistake you’ve made DJing?

Avi Sic – Loading a new track on the channel playing live

T.H.E – Favourite release of all time?

Avi Sic – This one is hard. Kind of a tie.
Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon and The Notorious B.I.G – Ready to Die


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