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ben gold interview


Ben Gold is wasting no time in cementing himself as one of the most forward-thinking and unique trance producers in the world.

Over the years, he has achieved multiple milestones and is a name that receives a lot of appreciation from trance fans across the globe. Whether he is performing solo or sharing the stage with multiple other heavyweights like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and a lot more, he manages to leave an impact on the audience and gets them dancing for sure! We sit down with him to speak all about the second edition of the extremely successful “Sound Advice” series.

Shivani – Hey Ben, It’s great to be speaking to you again! Firstly, congratulations on the release of the second edition of “Sound Advice”. How does it feel like?

Ben Gold – Thanks so much! Not going to lie, it feels amazing! There’s so much work that goes into an album, there was so much time spent inside the studio, working with other artists, getting it to a point where I was finally happy with it and ready to show it to the world. Then to finally give it up to everyone else, there aren’t many other moments like that.

Shivani – How was the response to “Sound Advice” like? And how do you expect your fans to respond to this one as well?

Ben Gold – The feedback from the press and fans to Chapter Two has been really positive so far. It’s such a rush to hear people saying they love it. You never know 100% of how people are going to react to your work. You can have a strong idea if you’ve managed to play it out on the road – you know which ones are the big hitters – but until you press that ‘release’ button, it’s all still hypothetical. Chapter One was really well received by everyone but it was a really different record to Chapter Two; SA1 was more about instrumental and SA2 is more dance floor friendly.

Shivani – We also see some very interesting collaborations on this one. The one that piqued our interest the most was your collaboration with Ruben De Ronde and Louise Rademakers. How did the idea for “Ghost” come about?

Ben Gold – Ruben and I have worked together on more than one occasion in the past, we always have a fun time in the studio, I think we work well together. This time we wanted to do something outside our comfort zone, so we bought Louise onto the project who delivered an outstanding vocal. A club mix is almost done, and I’m not quite sure which one is my favourite :)

Shivani – What was the one collaboration you enjoyed working on the most?

Ben Gold – Ghost! It’s always fun to make tracks with Ruben, maybe that’s why I do it so often. Like I said before, we have a great energy in the studio together, we’re always on the same wavelength musically but able to bring our own ideas and vibes to a project, and ‘Ghost’ was just such a different end result from what either of us both put out there usually that I think it absolutely deserved its place on the album.

Shivani – Will you be embarking on an album tour as well?

Ben Gold – I’m touring all the time. I’ve got dates around the world pretty much all the time, either as myself or with Omnia for our FUTURECODE project. The shows aren’t tailored around the album specifically but of course, I’ve been dropping tracks from it on the road for the past couple of months. Maybe it was an album tour without even realising it ;) Maybe somewhere down the line a Sound Advice tour is something that could become a reality, I guess it depends how much the fans want to see it.

Shivani – Though it is too early to ask, can we expect a part 3 to sound advice next year?

Ben Gold – It’s never too early to ask :) Right now, to be honest, I’m just enjoying the afterglow of the album release. In a couple of months? I wouldn’t be surprised if by that time there are a ton of new ideas going round my head that start making their way into the studio. Whether they’re part of a third chapter of the Sound Advice series or something completely new, that remains to be seen!

Shivani – What does the rest of 2019 hold in store for you?

Ben Gold – I’ve got a lot more dates to come including some US and Canadian dates and also in Australia, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll be doing more FUTURECODE performances so spending time on the road with Omnia which is always fun. More new music of course too, and there’ll be something super special coming in 2020 that I’ll start working on later this year. I can’t say anything about that just yet but when it’s ready to go, you’ll be the first to know :)

Shivani Murthy


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