T.H.E Interview – Besomorph

Besomorph Interview

Besomorph is no stranger to international success with a string of recent cuts – including ‘Playing With My Heart’ (feat. Karra), ‘What I’ve Done’ & ‘DNGRS’.

In addition, Besomorph continues to be an in-demand remixer, putting his own trademark sound on singles from TUJAMO, VIZE & MAJAN – along with the worldwide hit ‘Why Would You Lie To Me’ by Topic & A7S.

We caught up with Besomorph as he makes a welcome return dropping his new single & delivering anthemic bass house vibes – ‘Crush’ is signed to Virgin Records / Germany.

T.H.E – Hey Besomorph, thanks for joining us today & welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials! For any of our readers who may not already be aware, can you introduce yourself & share a little about your journey into the music industry?

Besomorph – I started making music back when I was 15 years old, around 12 years ago – initially starting with DJing, then switched to producing music 2 years after. It all started as a hobby, then I figured out it’s the thing I want to do as a fulltime job, which I came to realize around 4 years ago, in 2018.

T.H.E – We’re really digging the vibe of your new single ‘Crush’, is a seriously addictive track! Can you tell us about the inspiration for the record?

Besomorph – The inspiration for “Crush” came while dealing with a difficult break-up – that we all went through. Sometimes you love someone, dedicate all your time and effort to them, but it’s never enough.

T.H.E – And also, how you came to sign the single to Virgin Records?

Besomorph – I signed exclusively with Virgin around a year ago, after being approached by them. I was always suspicious about majors, but as Virgin is a division, with a smaller roaster, I am more than happy that I signed with them. It’s super fun to work with a small, dedicated team.

T.H.E – In three words, how would you describe your sound to our readers?

Besomorph – Dark, ambivalent, emotional

T.H.E – You’ve delivered dope remixes for the likes of TUJAMO, VIZE & MAJAN – as well as the worldwide hit ‘Why Would You Lie To Me’ by Topic & A7S. If you could remix for or collaborate with any artist right now, who would that be & why?

Besomorph – I’d love to collab with RAYE, as I really love her song writing and music style. I can identify with her sound and song writing.

T.H.E – In terms of live shows, what’s been the most memorable to date & what made it so notable/special?

Besomorph – The most memorable live show I’ve had with at Amsterdam Dance Event 2019. It was very special to me as all my colleagues were there, and I was able to play with artists that I’ve connected a long time ago online, but finally met them in person and was able to play live with them.

T.H.E – And finally, looking ahead into Summer 2021 and beyond – what’s next in the pipeline for Besomorph, any exclusive news you can share with us?

Besomorph – Besomorph is going down the dance road for sure – staying mainly in the house genre. Keeping the dark sound and combining it with dance elements


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