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brave james Interview

Brave James’ debut single ‘Soldier’ made a strong first impression for an artist with the imagination and distinction to occupy a space all of his own.

Word of Brave James’ exploratory artistry will continue to spread as he shares his second track ‘Lighthouse’.

We caught up with Brave James to learn more about how “Lighthouse” came about, his plans for 2021 and more.

Pavan – Hey James, we’re glad to be talking to you on this edition of T.H.E Interviews! Welcome! How has the past year been for you?

Brave James – Thanks to having me! I think the past year has been incredibly tough for us all – perhaps an unexpected outcome for me was the chance to buckle down and finish this record. I’m feeling ready to share my music, to launch “Brave James” in the world, and to keep creating and releasing from here.

Pavan – How did you begin with music production. You are from Australia and based in London – tell us about the influence of both these places on your work.

Brave James – I was born in Sydney, and I hope to spend more time back there, and with my family over there – but from a very young age, London has always been home to me. The BT Tower in particular has been an unexpected source of musical inspiration; my studio space is right beneath it and I’ve lived there for over ten years.

Pavan – Your debut single ‘Soldier’ gained a lot of good support! Could you tell us more about the track?

Brave James – ‘Soldier’ speaks to me as an anthem for what my debut album is about, and it set the direction for the record. I knew that I wanted to integrate vocal harmonies with electronic atmospheres over this marching, militant groove. I was also experimenting at the time with cassette looping and a bunch of fun stuff. It all just kind of bled its way into the track. I felt like I wanted to write something about navigating lingering memories and feelings from past relationships.

Pavan – Your new single ‘Lighthouse’ is out. What do you have to share about this one?

Brave James – ‘Lighthouse’ started as a circular-feeling, ethereal loop that felt never-ending, which lent itself to this theme that was in my mind at the time. I wanted to try to channel some of those hard-to-navigate feelings that I’ve had in my life, hoping that it may touch and resonate with listeners.

Pavan – How was it like collaborating with Oli Rockberger on this track? What do you think of collaborations in general?

Brave James – The writing process comes so naturally to me and co-writer/co-producer Oli. Everything he touches turns to gold – definitely go check out his upcoming record ‘Look Up’ right now. I can’t wait to explore more collaborative writing sessions now that the world is returning to normal.

Pavan – Lastly, What do you have in store for the summer and the rest of 2021?

Brave James – I’m currently putting together a live set that I’m looking forward to taking to the road. Beyond that, I’ve already started work on a follow-up record! Stay tuned at @imbravejames

Pavan Kumar


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