T.H.E Interview – Canguru

canguru interview

Today, we chat with Canguru, the multifaceted artist whose creative journey traverses the realms of Electronic music, painting, and beyond.

With an eclectic blend of influences and a knack for pushing boundaries, Canguru is ready to captivate audiences with his dynamic sound and innovative approach to music production. In this interview, we learn more about the choices that define Canguru’s artistic vision and preferences.

From rapping to producing, vinyl to CDs, and analog to digital, join us as we explore the diverse landscape of Canguru’s musical world through a series of intriguing choices.

T.H.E – Rapping or producing?

Canguru – Producing

T.H.E – Vinyl or CDs?

Canguru – Vinyl

T.H.E – Analog or digital?

Canguru – Digital

T.H.E – Original or remix? 

Canguru – Remix

T.H.E – Sunrise or sunset?

Canguru – Sunset

T.H.E – Solo work or collaborations?  

Canguru – Collaborations

T.H.E – Radio version or extended mix?

Canguru – Extended Mix

T.H.E – Big festival or small venue?

Canguru – Big Festival

T.H.E – Friday night or Saturday night?

Canguru – Saturday night

T.H.E – Soundcloud or Spotify?

Canguru – Soundcloud

We thank Canguru for his time and for sharing a quick look into his preferences and favorites, until next time, make sure to follow him on social media to learn more about his latest releases and new projects, as he promises more music to come.


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