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The Celebration of Life crew is back with its second charity release, ‘Think Positive’ promotes the awareness of a positive mind-state allowing people to live in betterment & create a happier outlook on life regardless of one’s situation.

Mixed & mastered by renowned music producer Aries, the song is entitled ‘Think Positive’, which is dedicated to ‘Baby Love’ aka Jaden who is Charlene Mulhern’s son. Jaden is featured at the beginning of the Celebration Of Life video with his sister Taya (Gucci). The tune became an instant classic since the debut live performance last Christmas, hosted by Jungle Fever at Ministry of Sound.

We caught up with the crew, and spoke to them about ‘Think Positive’, and loads more.

Celebration of Life – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. Congrats on the new single ‘Think Positive’. Tell us a bit about the name Celebration Of Life & what it stands for exactly?

Celebration of Life – Celebration of Life stands 4 the way we live the way we think and the way we move forward. Life is tuff but we, not gonna make it harder by negative energy and sad vibes. The celebration of Life music empowers me and the family and fans to make the best of what we got in any way can. From the smallest things like saying hello to a stranger. When u having a bad day still smile. Get up, get dressed and make the best of the day u been given.

Celebration of Life – We hear the project is closely inspired by Jaden, Taya (Gucci) & the whole Mulhern family, promoting awareness of the Demelza Hospice & the intent to try to create a positive mind-state. Can you tell us more? 

Celebration of Life – Jaden and Taya my 2 children have lots to b down about but they are rays of sunshine always spreading good vibes. I look at them with all life issues that have been thrown at them and all I see is smiles and positive vibes. This empowered me to do something about making sure they know I see it and to show the world the same. Coz I think they are the most inspirational souls and this needs to b seen. A negative turned positive so effortlessly. They give me the fire to do all I do, so I needed to share this. Delmeza is a big part of life. As they help us with hospitals appointments, making sure we ok at home but also at the children’s hospice itself in southeast London, where we get rest bite. That’s where I get to have a break; this was the hardest thing at the time of setting this project up as I had to let someone else look after my boy. But when I stayed there I was shown so much love and shown the love they have 4 the children and my Jaden absolutely luvs it he is so happy there. They go the extra mile to make all the children there very happy and the smile on Jaden’s face made all my worries go away.

For the first time, I felt I had real support and all my worries were put aside and it made me wanna help them as much as I can as they were helping me in ways no one else could do. And I just wanted to spread the love and awareness of Delmeza, had to try and help as I felt it’s all I could give bk..I’m a proud Mumma and this was a big step to make. I made it and they provided that feeling place to rest, so I did this 4 them and the kids to show how proud and thankful I truly am.

T.H.E – How long was the track in the works?

Celebration of Life – We’ve been working on this project for 3 years as I started the push in getting this set up with the fantastic Leo Purvis aka Alaska from GoodLook management on Jaden’s 9th bday in August. But b4 that I had already been round to all the artist at their events to introduce myself 4 the first time to let them know that I wanted to do something and would love them to b involved; with the focus on making them aware of why. The response was amazing from day dot!

T.H.E – How have fans responded to it, so far?

Celebration of Life – So far the response has been amazing, it’s been emotional on all levels. On a personal one its what I set out to do and it has been achieved. The story is being told and the response has just made it even better; all the positivity we receive back is just what it’s about. As a family, we are so happy and we will not stop.

T.H.E – How did you decide on the producers for the record, along with the remix package? 

Celebration of Life – I originally selected the producers potential bad boy and fleck as they were who I wanted to make the beats and vibe I wanted. They stood out 4 these 2 tracks that I had in my mind. Plus they always bringing great vibes, the other producers and engineers got involved once the project was up and running; they loved the vibe and the reason behind the project. To b honest they all my favs. xx

T.H.E – Tell us a bit about the new label Dolly Recordings. What is its aim across 2019 & beyond? 

Celebration of Life – Dolly Recordings is now my own label which I was inspired to start as I just wanna keep building, spreading the message of empowerment and I don’t want to stop. I love music, I love the way 1 song can change ya mindset…I love creating music so I thought why not. I want to make music to bring artists together and keep doing what makes me happy. It also helps so much having something positive going on. So I’ll keep doing it as its what I want to do, send messages through music. And to be able to do it my way from my feeling place. I wanna b able to share all sorts of music and help as many people along the way.

T.H.E – Lastly, can we expect all songs to carry a positively themed message & continue the movement? 

Celebration of Life – All the music that Dolly Recordings will be putting out will have a message 4 sure…a positive one! a real one. Life issues and problems highlighted musically with quick win soul felt solutions. I defo think a positive outlook on life helps in so many ways, so I will move forward with that. Positive uplifting music, funny and also real-life situations with that positive spin. Never staying in one lane as its a reflection of us xx

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