T.H.E Interview – Chrstphr

chrstphr interview

Chrstphr talks about his track with Matt Sassari – Voodoo Babe crossing 2 million streams, Elevate Production and more.

Aditya – Hello, we’re glad to have you for this interview. We’re almost towards the end of this year, how was this year for you?

Chrstphr – Thank you for this interview, and big pleasure for me. So good, and hard the last months of this year. There are a lots of gigs, and busy days, but I really love that, because, I prepare myself to the 2023 year.

Aditya – To our readers out here, could you quickly introduce yourself as shortly as possible?

Chrstphr – Of course! I’m a Producer & DJ from Hungary. My style manly is House & Tech House tracks, but I also have a alias name called “Horisone” where I made Melodic & Techno stuffs. I producer music more than 15 years, and touring active in my country and international more than 5 years. This is my whole life, and I always wanted to do this since I was little.

Aditya – Your track with Matt Sassari ‘Voodoo Babe’, has amassed over 2 million streams, how do you feel about that?

Chrstphr – Absolutely amazing feeling! I started the CHRSTPHR project 2 years ago, and now when I opening the Spotify I am terribly happy that so many people support and listen to my work.

Aditya – You own ‘Elevate Production’, would you share more info on that?

Chrstphr – The ELEVATE is my company also, where we made Festivals, Club Events, and Management, and Creative Agency. I founded in 2019 when we invite Fisher, and get a collaboration with the UK MEGA Event. Since that we was invite lots of international artist from the electronic music scene, and helping the talent artists to build their career abroad and at home. It’s a passion project for me.

Aditya – How would you describe your procution and DJing style?

Chrstphr – I’m a “Go With a Flow” guy mainly. I’m does’t like to overcomplicating the things. Everything what have in my mind, just trying to make quickly, cause I believe in the first impression. And then my soul rests, when I’m in the studio and catching ideas, and I work them out.

Aditya – Who are your influences and why?

Chrstphr – Lots of things influences me. Artist, places, vibes, sounds, musics. Everything. I really love the movies. Movies are the things that can completely take you out of everyday life, and for that little time I travel completely in my mind like a child.

Aditya – Your recent release ‘Praise the Lord’, a flip of the tune by ASAP Rocky sounds banging, what’s the creative process behind this track?

Chrstphr – In this project also, I haven’t got any idea before, just heard the trumpet sample, what I was found in a sampel pack, and the whole idea was maded in 1 hour. After that my friends told me is “Hey, this is the praise the lord from ASAP Rocky” and I was listened back the original track, and was get a idea, okay, I put his vocal in to it. And thats was the hole idea.

Aditya – You’ve played quite extensively, which is your favorite stage to perform and why?

Chrstphr – I actually really like all the vibes from other countries. Thats not a stereotype. Everytime when I in to a gig, I trying to catch the vibes from the crowd, and trying to showing my way through music.

Aditya – What’s your studio setup like? Any specific gear/plugin you cannot work without?

Chrstphr – Nothing special. I using everything in the box. I haven’t really got any type of outboard, and specific plugin. I using the most of plugins, like Serum, HIVE, Nexus, Fabfilters Packeg, and all the WAVES, and UADs. I really like to rushing, when I made a track, because once I catch the feeling I feel, I don’t want to let it go until then. The Ableton helping me much! :)

Aditya – Lastly, If you had to, would you rather spend the rest of your life in the hills or the beach?

Chrstphr – For me is the Beach. Originally I came from the Hills, so this would be a new life for me. Hahah :)


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