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club mango interview

Club Mango sits down with us to discuss his latest single, “One You Need”, upcoming collaborations and more.

T.H.E – Welcome to you Daniel, to T.H.E – Interviews and we’re glad to be conversing with you. So, how’s the past year been for Club Mango?

Club Mango – Hello! Thank you very much for having me. The past year has been crazy and very different to what many people are used to, but here we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel thankfully. One of the positives to come from the pandemic is that I have been able to focus on writing and recording so much more which has been great!

T.H.E – You’ve been working a lot on your music quite apparently. Tell us more about your new release ‘One You Need’.

Club Mango – One You Need is Club Mango’s first single. It’s got a very summery/clubby vibe mixed with Latin American rhythms. I just want people to hear it and get up and dance! The idea for the song started in December 2020 in freezing cold London, driven by the need to be partying and dancing on a beach somewhere! I was looking out the window and just thinking how much I would love to be enjoying myself with friends and music and generally not worrying about anything else.

T.H.E – You’ve got a couple of collaborations on the track with the rapper Vadi and singer JAEL – How was the experience of working with them?

Club Mango – They are both so enthusiastic about music and amazing artists. The experience working with them has been great, although slightly different because of the pandemic. I must say it has been fully done remotely, JAEL and I from London and Vadi from Spain, each of us working from our own home studios. Obviously I would have loved it if we could have all been together in the studio, but it does show you that making music is possible no matter where people are in the world if we all work as a team towards the same goal!

T.H.E – The Latin American flavour on the track is quite telling, what was the inspiration behind that?

Club Mango – I’ve always loved the Latin American culture, especially its music. I’m very attached to this culture as my partner is Venezuelan and I really love the good vibes that the rhythms and melodies transmit. Some of these characteristic rhythms are super simple but as soon as you hear them it seems like they are forcing your body to dance and get you in a good mood. When I listen to Latin American music I get that feeling every time and I wanted to portray that on “One You Need”.

T.H.E – It has been quite a tough phase for all of us over the past one year, has it had an impact on your music in any way?

Club Mango – I always try to look on the bright side of things although I have to admit this has been quite a challenging task sometimes during the past year. Music has been hit particularly bad when you think that there has been no festivals or clubs open for so long. However, because of lockdown I have been able to come up with new ideas, study different music, write and record a lot of songs and prepare everything for the upcoming months so in a way it has helped me prepare for the next year. I would say I have tried my best to concentrate all the energy onto the positive aspects and make the most of the opportunity.

T.H.E – What can we expect from Club Mango in the coming days?

Club Mango – You can expect a lot of new music and great collaborations with various artists from different parts of the world! Hopefully things go back to “normal” ASAP and we can enjoy the music back in the clubs and mudding fields!

Pavan Kumar


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