T.H.E Interview – Coco Benson

coco benson interview

Encapsulating the essence of summer in sonic form, International singer/songwriter Coco Benson flaunts her musical finesse with an empowering new single, ‘Majesty’, in collaboration with globally renowned producer Shizzi.

We caught up with Coco Benson to learn more about how “Majesty” came about, working with SHIZZI & more.

Pavan – Hey Coco, welcome to this edition of T.H.E Interviews! We are glad to be talking to you! How have things been in the past few months?

Coco Benson – Hi guys it’s so great speaking to you as well and thank you for taking the time! The past few months have been pretty amazing I must say, I’ve was spending time with my family, it seems like the world is opening up again so I’ve been doing some traveling and most importantly I’ve been recording some really great music.

Pavan – The summer is here and it’s exciting! How geared up are you for the summer?

Coco Benson – Who doesn’t love summer right, I’m especially excited because I just dropped my amazing new single Majesty with Shizzi and it’s definitely a summer anthem and we have so much more to come! It’s just gonna be a hot summer all around.

Pavan – Your new single ‘Majesty’ is here. Tell us more about it! What was the inspiration?

Coco Benson – The inspiration behind this track was definitely the empowerment of women, women are beautiful and strong and the backbone of so much in this life and I really wanted to represent that because I’m a wife and a mother and I do a lot of things that I know a lot of other women do too so it was time to really express that in my music it’s really an amazing vibe.

Pavan – SHIZZI has collaborated on this track with you. What do you have to say about working with him?

Coco Benson – Working with him is always amazing, I’m literally working with the best. It certainly can come with pressure but the end result is always what matters and he’s very supportive of my sound. Any artist that is able to get in the studio with Shizzi is definitely leaving with a hit record.

Pavan – How much impact do your ethnic roots have on the music you produce, if any?

Coco Benson – Being from different places plays a huge part of what I create because I love combing a European feel of music (for example, my lyrics on a house beat) & then we mix in the African melodies & instruments. The end result is super dope! I always love pushing the boundaries and this allows me to do so freely.

Pavan – Lastly, do you have any more plans for this year in terms of new music?

Coco Benson – We have a lot of new music on the way! On my side, on his side, together! new artist … it’s just going to be amazing so stay tuned and thank you so much for speaking with us.

Pavan Kumar


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