T.H.E Interview – Cosmic Boys

cosmic boys interview

Alongside the likes of Space 92 and UMEK, the Cosmic Boys are one of the artists who have constantly dominated the top of Beatport’s techno chart over the last 12 months.

Many know them for their ever-evolving sound that combines invigorating synth lines with explosive percussion. They also have a hybrid DJ style, which incorporates drum machines and synths into their sets so they can do live remixes and edits.

The guys have got a new EP release forthcoming on their own label Legend. We caught up with the duo to speak about the upcoming EP, post-lockdown scenes in France, and loads more.

T.H.E – Hi guys, it’s nice to be speaking with you today. How are things in your part of the world, have you been offered the vaccine yet?

Cosmic Boys – Hey, we are delighted to speak with you too.

Yes, we had the first injection and have dates in July of the second one. It’s quite complicated at the moment, because we still have a curfew in France, but the rules are relaxing slowly. We hoping for normal life quite to return quickly.

T.H.E – It’s been a crazy time this last year or so, can you remember the last gig you played, and what do you miss most about clubbing?

Cosmic Boys – Yes, this last year has been really crazy!

What we miss most is playing with our fans on big sound systems and seeing them dance. We love meeting our fans all over the world to chat and play music for them… we really miss this!

T.H.E – It seems like some artists have been hibernating during lockdown, but you guys seem to have gone into overdrive. How have you managed to keep your motivation?

Cosmic Boys – Of course, during this period we also took some time for ourselves plus our families, and we have to say that the rest and relaxation was good, but we are producers at heart, and just love to make music. It’s natural for us to be making sounds in the studio, and we took the opportunity of lockdown to work on lots of new music.

T.H.E – How much new music have you released in the last 12 months, and what’s been your highlights from those tracks?

Cosmic Boys – We released around fifteen songs, and included in those is our collaboration with UMEK called “Evolution”, and our remix of Mark Reeve’s track “Geometric” which both turned out to be huge hits. We also did a remix of Dusty Kid’s classic hit “Kore” that we released on our label Legend. We are very proud of it, because it’s a track that we both loved for a long time, and inspired us as artists.

T.H.E – Your label Legend also seems to have maintained a steady flow of new releases, have you discovered any fresh talents lately?

Cosmic Boys – We are always looking for new talents for our labels, and we are really happy to receive so many demos. We make sure to listen to them all, and sometimes we come across incredible artists such as Nure and Demon Noise. Matteo Vitanza is a new artist who will also be releasing an EP on Legend in the summer. It gives us great joy to discover promising new artists whom we then follow closely. It’s a really proud moment when we find artists with their own style, and present them to the public via our label Legend… especially when those tracks chart on websites like Beatport.

T.H.E – Your new release is a collaboration with AKKI (DE), how did you meet and are there already plans for more collaborations?

Cosmic Boys – We got to know AKKI in 2019. He sent us demos for Legend and we loved his style because we think he has such a unique sound. Since then, we always kept in touch, and got him to remix our track “Second Life”. It has been a natural progression for us to eventually collaborate on a track with him. At the moment we have no other collaborations planned, but there are lots of other people we want to work with.

T.H.E – You guys are from France, what are your thoughts on the French club scene after lockdown ends. Do you think there will be a vaccine passport system implemented?

Cosmic Boys – The government in France is talking about a vaccine passport system for outdoor festivals, but clubs in France have not been given any reopening dates, and we don’t know when this will be possible. But we are sure, when it reopens, it will be such a magical moment… we are all looking forward to dancing again!

T.H.E – Who are some of the other French artists that you think are making good techno? 

Cosmic Boys – Julian Jeweil is an artist that we like for his groove and powerful melodies, but Space 92 also has a great style with percussive melodies that we love!

T.H.E – What’s coming up next in your schedule?

Cosmic Boys – As for the releases, there is our collaboration with AKKI, which is out now via our label Legend. We have also done a remix on Fierce Animal Recordings for our friend Ryan Michael, and that will be out in the summer. In September we will be releasing an EP by Nure on Legend that features a remix from us. In terms of gigs, we will be on a lot of festivals in France, but also in Germany, Hungary and some others places that we can hopefully announce soon. Finally, at the end of the summer we are going to organise our very first Legend event, which will be at the arena of our home city Pérols. More info about our Legend party is coming soon, and we can’t wait to talk about it.

T.H.E – Thanks for taking the time to talk today, is there anything extra you want to add before we finish?

Cosmic Boys – We want to tell our fans that we miss you dearly, and look forward to seeing them all very soon… hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the world’s club scene to open again. We have our fingers and toes crossed that the vaccine means everywhere can soon open up as normal.



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