T.H.E Interview – Cosmicat

cosmicat interview

Saudi Arabia’s first and leading female DJ and producer Cosmicat made her stunning debut with the first-ever single “Toxic Romance,” introducing herself to the global market as a sultry underground queen with both dancefloor and emotive potential.

The track uses big-room synths and a rumbling, techno-influenced bassline to contrast exquisitely with her own feathery vocals; in this way, Cosmicat creates a soundscape that is both bold and delicate, personifying her own identity as a female artist who is trailblazing the electronic music scene in a culture that has traditionally forbid women from making any style of music.

We caught up with her to learn more about her new single, being at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s dance music representation by women, and more.

Varun – Hey there! Thanks for taking time out for this interview! How has the past year been for you?

Cosmicat – Thanks for having me! well the past year has been difficult on me just like every other human living through the global pandemic, but the most important thing is to take this energy and convert it into something positive., and since the music scene was on a long pause i decided to take my time in the studio and work on feature releases.

Varun – We’re loving ‘Toxic Romance’! Can you tell us about the creative process behind the track?

Cosmicat – I love toxic romance too! i was working with sounds s usual and all I could think about is how much shaped me as a person, i decided to make a new song to translate that and share it with as many people who feel the same connection with electronic music.

Varun – Can you tell us more about the sound you wish to project with your productions going forward?

Cosmicat – I generally love all types of music, but electronic music always wins my heart, I’m still warming up for my journey to find my sound but expect a lot of the unexpected.

Varun – Can you tell us about your journey to making it as Saudi Arabia’s first female DJ and producer and some of your musical influences growing up?

Cosmicat – I consider myself lucky to be alive at this day and time in saudi arabia, witnessing these big changes that made it easier for me to pursue my dream, growing up in the 90’s things were drastically different but my love for music was the same. I witnessed the golden pop area in the early 2000’s and I was also influenced by a lot of hip hop music and great producers such as timbaland and Dr Dre. I took a deep dive in R&B as well, exploring music from the early 90’s all the way to our current time and day.

Varun – Which artist are you most looking forward to collaborating with in the near future?

Cosmicat – I love collaborations because they push you to experience with new sounds and styles, hoping will do more of that in the future with international and local artists from saudi arabia.

Varun – Can you tell us your top 5 dream venues/festivals to perform at?

Cosmicat – This is a tough one, I don’t usually dream about venues, I’m more of a studio person. But let’s say tomorrowland mainstage, boiler room, resistance festival, awakenings, afterlife.

Varun – What is next for Cosmicat on the production/live show front?

Cosmicat – I’ll just say I’m in the studio everyday cooking something special, more music to be released in the future and many collaborations. I’m optimistic and I believe that the world will be good again soon so we can go back and do live shows and share the joy of music with everyone.


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