T.H.E Interview – Crazy Donkey

crazy donkey interview

Following the staggering viral triumph of his debut hit record Morsmordre back in 2020, 16 year-old Chinese breakthrough producer Crazy Donkey now looks to capitalise on his impressive early career success with the announcement of his next official single, Kick and Scream.

Out now via Liquid State, Kick and Scream marks Crazy Donkey’s inaugural release on the flourishing Asian imprint, which launched in 2018 as a joint venture between Sony Music and Tencent Music Entertainment.

A playful, club-ready cut, underpinned by spoken-word lyrics and an assortment of tongue-in-cheek samples that build across the record’s duration, Kick and Scream showcases the mischievous and multi-faceted production style for which Crazy Donkey is fast becoming renowned, as the in-demand teenager delivers an emphatic three-minute hit and one of the most memorable additions to the label’s catalogue to date.

We were able to ask Crazy Donkey a few questions about the new single, his studio set up, signing to Liquid State and more. Here’s how it went down…

Aditya – Welcome Crazy Donkey, we are very glad to be talking to you on T.H.E Interviews. What’s been happening over the past few months in your world?

Crazy Donkey – Thank you. Over the past few months I’ve been getting more people to know me and to listen to my songs. It feels like I’m starting to become an idol among some of my same-age peers.

Aditya – Please can you introduce yourself to our audience?

Crazy Donkey – Hello everyone! I’m Crazy Donkey, Jin Dazhi. I’m 16 years old, a music producer from China. I’m currently still in high school, welcome to have a listen to my songs

Aditya – Did the pandemic situation and staying indoors give you more time to explore your productions and make new music? Does the COVID actually provide more time for you to explore and work on new music production?

Crazy Donkey – Yes indeed, I produced my song Morsmordre during COVID when we were studying from home, and luckily it became a hit single, currently with over 160 million streams

Aditya – We heard your amazing new single ‘Kick and Scream’ and we love it. What went into making this intriguing record?

Crazy Donkey – As my artist name is Crazy Donkey, I produced this song with Donkey’s scream samples.

Aditya – Can you share the influences behind your production style?

Crazy Donkey – I love the Deep House genre, and I also really love Hans Zimmer’s symphony and composing style. I often try to incorporate both genres while producing music.

Aditya – What hardware / software do you use to produce?

Crazy Donkey – I use a MacBook Pro paired with Sennheiser HK-25 headphones, M-Audio BX5 monitors, I choose the Focusrite Scarlett Solo and FL Studio for DAW.

Aditya – Signing with Liquid State definitely marks a milestone in your career. Can we expect some more new music on the label after this?

Crazy Donkey – Yes, Liquid State has been focusing on promoting East meet West, they align many international and mainland local Chinese artists collaboration. I also have a new remix of Empty Love which was released on Sep 24, and there will be more and more great work coming out

Aditya – At sixteen years of age, how do you manage to juggle a career in the music industry with your studies?

Crazy Donkey – I put a lot of effort into my school work. I give my absolute concentration during class so that I could be able to work on my music after class.

Aditya – What are your hopes and dreams for the next few years? Any specific goals you’d like to achieve?

Crazy Donkey – I hope that I could have a new single soon that can disrupt the music scene like Morsmordre did.

Aditya – Finally, what can we expect from you in the rest of this year?

Crazy Donkey – There will be a big single with vocals coming out! I think this one is going to be awesome. This one might be a collaboration single with international DJs with artist remixes.


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