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cyazon interview

DJ and music producer Cyazon is an artist of its own.

His music reflects the ideas, images and themes that inspire him to create a unique world where music is the main force. Lately, his success and popularity has been increasingly rising, with his show ‘Cyber Future’ reaching a big fanbase every week, while his latest releases prove that his talent is beyond limits.

His latest production, ‘Falling For You’ is a fresh take on his own style, mixing sound from Synthwave or Dubstep, Cyazon keeps experimenting and delivering music that is not just unmissable but unparalleled.

We asked Cyazon more about the behind-the-scenes process of his latest track ‘Falling for You’ as well as his plans for the future.

Aditya – Hello Cyazon, how are you doing?

Cyazon – Doing great! Thanks!

Aditya – ‘Falling For You’ is out now, can you walk us through the process of producing this track? What inspired you to start working on it?

Cyazon – When I started this track, I only had the intro done so it was really hard for me to finish it. I think what inspired me to finish it is, that I had a good theme going on and knew it could be something good. For the intro, I started out with 2-atmosphere samples and then created a melody for the introduction. I then build the bassline, intro chords, and everything else around that. For the chorus/drop, I used the intro chords for the main supersaws to build the foundation for the drop. I then used the synth melody from the intro to use it as the main synth lead melody for the drop too. I also used the bassline from the intro to fill in the gaps in the drop as well. I added an additional counter melody synth lead for the second half of the drop. For the rest of the song I mainly filled in effects, basses, glitches, etc. where they needed to be.

Aditya – Did you have a specific influence, sound or genre in mind when you started producing the song?

Cyazon – When I started the song, I definitely had the Synthwave genre/sound in mind since I started using melodic synths that resembled that sound in the intro. I think it turned into something slightly different than I imagined originally, a combination of Synthwave, Mid-tempo, and some Dubstep.

Aditya – Did you experiment with new samples, plugins or effects while working on this production?

Cyazon – From what I can remember, I used a reverb plugin I typically never use on my melodic synth elements, which is Fabfilter Pro-R. I used it on the intro melodic synth lead melody, and it gave it more of a transparent/clear-sounding reverb rather than the typical washed-out reverb sound I use from d-16 Toraverb 2. I also used a different Diva preset for the intro chords, I typically would not go for in a track, but this song needed it. Another thing I did for the vocal was, that I used Soundtoys Microshift, which is a chorus affect to give it more width. I also used Maag EQ4 to give it more high end/treble. This is something new I tried for the vocals.

Aditya – How would you say this track differs from your previous releases?

Cyazon – I would say it is more melodic for sure, and it definitely has more Synthwave elements in it. It also has less futuristic, cyberpunk elements although the second chorus has more Dubstep elements in it.

Aditya – How long did it take you to get a final version of the song?

Cyazon – So, I started the track in May 2021. I did not work on it more throughout 2021 since I could not figure out the main chorus. An idea for the main chorus came to me in February of 2022, and I finished the track around that time. Waited for vocals to get completed for about a month, and then the track was ready to pitch to labels. So, it took about 9 months.

Aditya – How would you like your listeners to feel when listening to this track?

Cyazon – I feel that this track portrays the feeling of accomplishing something or in another Synthwave world. It’s hard for me to say what I would want listeners to feel for this track since it’s very different than what I typically release, and I never really envisioned a story behind the track when making it. But probably, what I said earlier is my best answer.

Aditya – Can you describe the song using only 3 words?

Cyazon – Melodic, victorious, teamwork

Aditya – What would you say it’s the most important thing to keep in mind when finding inspiration to produce music?

Cyazon – I think a major thing that comes to my mind is watching movies/tv shows and having a story I want to tell from my futuristic narrative as Cyazon. That’s what usually helps me produce music with meaning behind it. Then I have some key points/elements/themes to go off of, which helps me translate what I have visually and story-wise in my mind into a song.

Aditya – What are you currently working on?

Cyazon – New music as usual, and a lot of sending finished music to labels. I recently found out that a vocalist I look up to is going to start working on my big collaboration with another artist soon so that is exciting and nice forward movement.


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