T.H.E Interview – Damon Sharpe

damon sharpe interview

Damon Sharpe on “Hollaback Girl”, production process and more.

T.H.E – Hi Damon, it’s great to have you joining us & how is everything right now?

Damon – Thank you so much for having me. I am feeling incredible. Ecstatic to put COVID behind us and with the arrival of summer things are really unfolding in an epic way.

T.H.E – Congratulations on the recent release of ‘Hollaback Girl’, when did you first start working on the record?

Damon – I had the initial idea to flip it back in 2021 and it went through a few iterations before landing on the current version.

T.H.E – Can you tell our readers a little about the overall production process?

Damon – Yes, I actually started with the original acapella. Sped it up to 126 and started building a blueprint around that. Drums and bass first. Then synths. Once the production was going in the right direction, I had the vocal recreated to avoid having to clear the master use. The bass line is really the anchor of the track and all the ear candy dances around the vocal.

T.H.E – With the release also launching Brainjack Music, how closely will the sound of your label mirror your respected Brainjack Radio show?

Damon – It will be a pretty similar sonic landscape. All things dance be it a bass house, tech house, electro-pop and crossover dance, etc.

T.H.E – As a producer, songwriter & recording artist, what’s been a highlight in your career to date?

Damon – There are so many I am proud of. My very first hit was Jennifer Lopez’s “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” so that one holds a big place in my heart. Bring a writer on Alesso’s “Cool” was a moment, being a part of the Grammy-winning soundtrack for the movie Chicago and “When In Rome” with Gattuso which was my first top 10 dance single as an artist. We are over 50M streams combined on that one already! I’m about to hit 2 Billion streams as a producer, writer, and artist. So grateful.

T.H.E – On the road & as a DJ, is there a show you’ve played that really stands out from the rest?

Damon – Well I just got back from playing EDC Vegas and all I can say is it was nothing less than euphoric. It was a beautiful crowd and the love from them gave me life.

T.H.E – What word best describes the sound of your DJ sets?

Damon – Electric ⚡️

T.H.E – Finally, looking ahead into the rest of ’22 – is there any exclusive news you can share with our readers?

Damon – I’ve got a really magic collab going with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano so stay tuned for that!


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