T.H.E Interview – Dave Matthias

Dave Matthias interview

We sat down for a chat with internationally acclaimed remixer & DJ/producer – Dave Matthias.

Check out what went down, as he took us behind the scenes on the making of his latest cut ‘Madness And The Dark’ ft. Makeba.

T.H.E – Dave, welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How has your 2019 been so far?


Dave Matthias – Thank you. The first half of 2019 has been awesome. Been in the studio with a lot of remix work for various labels along with some of my own productions.


T.H.E – Let’s talk about your single, ‘Madness And The Dark’ – signed to Dauman Music, is this your first release on the label? 

Dave Matthias – It’s my first release as “artist” on Dauman Music but I’ve had countless remixes appear on the label over the years.


T.H.E – Can you tell our readers a little about how your collaboration with Makeba on ‘Madness And The Dark’ – all came together? 

Dave Matthias – A few years back (2016) I did remixes for Makeba’s single “Bring Me A King” also on Dauman Music.

I loved that track so much I hounded Jason Dauman (Dauman Music) about a possible co-write with Makeba on a future single. It stayed on the back burner for a while but we kept revisiting the idea until finally the right project and timing came about. The track itself was probably a good year of planning but the initial idea of a project together was about 2 and a half to 3 years ago.

Makeba is such an amazing song writer (a Grammy Award Winner at that) I knew I had to come up with something very strong that would eventually inspire her to write the lyrics to what we now know as “Madness And The Dark”.

T.H.E – Other than the standout Original cut, what influenced your selection on who remixed the single?

Dave Matthias – I have been a House & Club DJ for over 20+ years… DJ’ing both major and smaller venues all over.

I A&R’d the project as I wanted 100% control and say in which remixers we got involved. These are incredible producers and remixers in their own right and have been personal favorites of mine for a long time.


I am honored that:

1) they all agreed to do the project and

2) they all turned out phenomenal remixes!

T.H.E – If you could offer a single piece of advice to aspiring producers / DJs, what would it be & why? 

Dave Matthias – Hone in on your craft, whatever that might be. DJ’ing, Producing, Remixing …Not all DJs make great remixer/producers and not all remixer/producers make great DJs.

There’s not that many who are great at both. So hone in on your craft. Focus on your skillset and develop if carefully over a long period of time so that it’s exactly right for your purpose. If you want to develop additional skills that you’re not “as good at”, then start to work on getting good at them.

T.H.E – And lastly, is there a follow up to ‘Madness And The Dark’ already in the works? 

Dave Matthias – I’ve got several remixes for various labels along with my own productions lined up that are still slated to release in 2019. Included are some amazing collaborations with Luca Debonaire and maybe even another collaboration with Makeba (hint hint). So stay tuned!


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