T.H.E Interview – DJ Chus

dj chus interview

DJ Chus talks to us exclusively about working with Sparrow & Barbossa on their new album, “Seven Seas”.

Pavan – Hey Chus, we’re so glad to be talking to you on this edition of T.H.E Interviews! Welcome. How have things been over the past year for you?

Chus – Thank You, guys. This past year has been challenging in many ways, and to be honest, it has been a revealing year to me, full of discoveries, learning, evolution, and personal growth. Despite all the struggles we had to face, I have been active and productive, making music most of the time and launching my new label along with La Santa, REDOLENT. And I was also doing my debut in the music business as manager of two talented musicians, Afro House producers, and DJs, Sparrow & Barbossa.

Pavan – Redolent has been an influential platform supporting talented artists. Tell us some more about how Redolent promotes artists!

Chus – Breaking into the electronic music scene is a long, complicated, and challenging task for newcomers artists. It doesn’t matter how good you are. It would help if you had connections, knock to the right doors, and be in the right places with the right people. It’s like running a marathon. Endurance matters more than speed. All these years working as a global artist in the major league it has given me expertise, and the past year has given me the time to develop all those experiences putting them together into a management plan.

Pavan – Sparrow & Barbossa have just released their new album “Seven Seas” on your label. How did you meet the duo?

Chus – I First meet Barbossa in 2001 in Madrid. He recorded the drums for my collaboration track ‘El Amor’ alongside Joeski. I’ve lost his path till a few years ago when they produced Yeke Yeke, one of my all times favorite songs. I emailed them to congratulates them, and it was when I realized who they are. The rest is History now!

Pavan – Now, we understand being a label boss, you do come across a lot of exciting talents. However, only a few make the cut. What inspired you to sign Sparrow & Barbossa up?

Chus – They are one of a kind! Both are musicians, DJs and producers, very talented artists, extremely humble guys, and vibrantly fresh creators. They represent the new generation of Electronic Music artists. They are the present and the future!

Pavan – You’ve worked on a single in “Seven Seas” with the duo. What was it like working on “Nyakua” with the two?

Chus – I’m the album’s executive producer, helping them achieve their goals, and it wasn’t on my plans to be part of it, but they invited me, and it was a grateful surprise. I was utterly flattered, to be honest. It was the very last produced track of the album, and believe it or not was made in one day. I had those Idd Aziz’s vocals for an original track by myself, but when I showed them, they have fallen in love, and we worked on the musical arrangement very fast. The result couldn’t be better!

Pavan – Do you have anything to say to aspiring artists?

Chus – Please don’t follow trending topics. Do not imitate; innovate. Work hard to be yourself, and find the way to create something unique that people can recognize immediately, and last but not less, never give up!

Pavan – Finally, what are the plans for the rest of 2021?

Chus – Work my ass off as I always do! Now I am running two labels, managing Sparrow & Barbossa, Traveling with my solo career, and preparing my first solo album for 2022!

I believe that, at some point, I will take a break for some deserved holidays with my family in between.


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