T.H.E Interview – DNF

dnf interview

DNF discusses his musical influences, his stage name, and more in this exclusive interview.

Aditya – Hello, we’re glad to have you for this interview. How was the last year for you?

DNF – Last year was a great year, I managed to play in many new clubs and festivals, where I had the opportunity to test many new bangers that I plan to release this year. The main thing I focused on was the return of our label “FRKNTN”. In terms of releases, I was not very active – I released 3 singles, which I consider a reasonably satisfying result considering the amount of work on the return of the label.

Aditya – ‘DNF’ as a stage name sounds quite intriguing, what’s the idea behind it?

DNF – Music is an endless journey and road for me, that’s what’s most exciting about it all. It means “Did Not Finish” which in free translation means something with out the end.

Aditya – You play over 100 shows a year, how do you manage that? That’s about 1 show in 3 days.

DNF – The biggest culmination of events was in 2018/19, when there were weekends with two events on Friday and two on Saturday. Now it’s about 60 events a year, and this number is perfect, because it allows me to maintain a balance between touring and studio work.

Aditya – You also run ‘FRKNTN’, could you run us through the project?

DNF – The whole idea of creating FRKNTN was born in 2018 with I.GOT.U and the duo TWISTERZ. We decided to set up a label where we could independently release songs. At the time, we did not think that we would be able to create such a popular brand in our country (Poland). For a long time we focused on the western part of Europe, but since last year we started to expand our music to the whole world.

Aditya – Who are your influences and why?

DNF – I follow the market very closely and follow the current trends, and in terms of strictly production inspiration, they are Afrojack and David Guetta or R3HAB – three icons of electronic music of our time.

Aditya – You’ve been supported by the industry giants, how do you feel about that?

DNF – Great! It’s a sign that I’m going in the right direction and I’m very happy to support any artist – I find it very valuable. I’m sure there are DJs reading this , so if DNF is on your playlist, know that I thank you very much for it!

Aditya – Could you highlight some of your favorite shows?

DNF – There have been quite a few of these events, but if I were to name an event where I had tremendous excitement, it was the CYB3RPVNK event in 2022. After that event and R3HAB’s visit to my studio, I felt a surge of incredible motivation and inspiration.

Aditya – What’s your studio setup like? Any specific plugin/gear you cannot work without?

DNF – For many years I worked on Steinberg Cubase, but the moment I started working closely with I.GOT.U, I discovered the amazing capabilities of Ableton Live. At this point I can’t imagine working on any other software. As for the most frequently used VST, it’s the FabFilter bundle and the native Glue Compressor from Live. I have a lot of favorite devices, but if I had to list the plug-ins that are on each channel are these, because I pay enormous attention to the purity and transparency of sounds.

Aditya – What’s in the pipeline for 2023?

DNF – – Development of the label
– Finishing and releasing all the IDs I have on disk
– Departing to Asia for the first tour
These are the top 3 points on the task list in the near future.

Aditya – Lastly, if not a DJ/Producer, what would you be?

DNF – I would definitely look for an employment where I would have contact with people. Plus – I really like cooking, so I think I would open my own restaurant.


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