T.H.E Interview – Doktor

doktor interview

Doktor has been a go-to collaborator for a while, with the likes of Chase & Status, Tyga and Sigma calling on his talents, but it’s only in recent years that he’s been able to put his full focus on his solo career.

That journey is set to peak as he releases his long awaited debut album ‘Dedication’ on August 27th.

We caught up with Doktor to learn more about his upcoming album, collaborations and more.

T.H.E – Hey Doktor, we’re glad to be talking to you on this edition of T.H.E Interviews! Welcome! How do you feel about releasing your debut album ‘Dedication’ at the end of August?

Doktor – Hey Guys, Thanks for having me. Releasing my first debut album feels like a very big accomplishment and I’m so excited to finally push out a full body of work.

T.H.E – What inspired the name of the album?

Doktor – The album is titled ‘Dedication’ as I have remained dedicated to my craft. I’ve literally put blood, sweat, and tears into this journey – whilst embracing the highs and lows of the industry whether it be uplifting and exciting or tiring and stressful

T.H.E – Tell us about the new track Clean Hearted

Doktor – Throughout my journey in music, I have always made tracks for the ladies or uplifting party tracks. with clean hearted, I wanted to make something that everyone can relate to, and that’s trying and working hard but sometimes there are people that would like to see you fail, but your clean heart will always prevail

T.H.E – You’ve collaborated with some big names on the record including Spice, SMoodface, Braintear Spookie and more.. how did these come about?

Doktor – As we all know spice is the dancehall queen and I needed to have the queen on a record, I reached out to her, she loved the track and surprisingly she jumped on it smoodface and spookie are my good friends who are very talented and I needed to have blessed me on my album.

T.H.E – You’re a truly independent artist with full creative control over your music and visuals – how important is this to you?

Dotkor – It’s very important to have full creative control because you can now paint your own canvass, expressing your own vision to the world but I must say, The workload is excessive, your one-man team has to think about every little thing. but that’s the main reason for the title of this album because you must stay dedicated.

T.H.E – What’s next for Doktor -any live shows?

Doktor – I will be keeping my album launch party, and now we are set to go back on the road, expect to see me at a venue near you!!!


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