T.H.E Interview – Drunken Kong

drunken kong interview

Burgeoning Japanese techno duo Drunken Kong kicked off a brand new decade in emphatic fashion, as they released their eagerly-anticipated sophomore long player, Where We Start.

Shivani – Hey D.K! It’s great to be speaking to you! Firstly, congratulations on the release of “Where We Start”. I am sure it must be special to you and it holds a lot of sentimental value to you. Are you excited to finally put the album out?

Drunken Kong – Thank you very much. Yes we are very happy and excited for our album which is out now!

Shivani – What was the idea behind the name “Where We Start”?

Drunken Kong – The whole concept of the title and the album was that we are at a new starting point in our life with our child. Being a parent, this was something that was very new and special for us and in this album we wanted to capture and express our different emotional moments we experienced as a parent.

Shivani – We see you having repeat collaborations with Christian Smith and Teenage Mutants. How did it happen again? And what is your process like when it comes to working with them?

Drunken Kong – Well with Christian, we always work together in my studio here in Tokyo when he is here for gigs and tours. We first sit down in the studio and just play around with some ideas we have. We then transform this into a track and basically create the first version. From here, we test the tracks out and whatever fixes we feel the track needs, we do this.

With Teenage Mutants, since we are geographically far away, we transferred audio files. I made the basic loops and elements and from there they added their ideas and then sequenced it while discussing and sharing ideas.

Shivani – What was the creative process like when producing this album?

Drunken Kong – The creative process was quite simple. We just expressed our feelings in different moments. We had many loops that we created in different moods and we picked the ones that best fit our concept for this album. Once the ideas were made, from there it was more of sequencing the tracks and completing it.

Shivani – How do you think parenthood has changed your life and inspired you?

Drunken Kong – Yes definitely. It changed our lifestyle. We used to produced a lot at night but this naturally changed where we worked more in the morning and daytime. This is something that is very new to us and we are really enjoying this. Waking up and going in the studio, we are full of ideas!

Shivani – How do you juggle your tours and studio sessions along with parenthood?

Drunken Kong – Its tough to be honest but thanks to our friends and family`s support we are able to balance things out well. Our parents have really been supportive and takes care of our child when we are on tour.

Shivani – Who would you say are some of the best artists from this side of the world who are making a global impact?

Definitely DJ Nobu has been making a big impact globally. He is a very respected DJ here and is gaining alot of global attention in the past few years.

Shivani – What does 2020 hold in store for you?

Drunken Kong – We are working on some tours and also we have some releases coming up after our album too. We are very excited with a collaboration EP we worked on with Misstress Barbara that will be coming out in spring.

Shivani Murthy


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