T.H.E Interview – DubVision

dubvision interview

Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher are fast conquering the world of dance music as scintillating duo DubVision.

With everyone from Hardwell to David Guetta to Avicii and Tiësto supporting their show-stopping productions, their prolific output has enjoyed immense exposure across the world.

We caught up with the duo to speak about working with Afrojack, their Asia tour and learned why they refer to their followers as “Visionairz”.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. Good to chat with you again, how have you been?

DubVision – Hey, thank you for having us! We are great! In the middle of a big Asia tour, 6 weeks in total. At the moment we write to you from the hotel in Taipei.

T.H.E – Let’s jump right in, your new collaboration with Afrojack – Back To Life, has just been released. How did it come about?

DubVision – We made a track last year. It was complete with vocal but we were not too sure about the vocal at that point. We send it over to Nick and he straight away loved the track, but doubted about the vocal as well. Little later, he went in the studio with Magic Village and they created the vocal as it is now. Super happy with the end result!

T.H.E – This is your 2nd collaboration with Nick, what would you say were the best things about working with him?

DubVision – He has a crazy eye for detail and he is a fast worker. I think we both have the same drive for making a track perfect.

T.H.E – Your previous collaboration – “New Memories” was a colossal hit! Was there any sort of pressure when you guys started working on “Back To Life”, knowing that there will be a certain benchmark you will have to meet?

DubVision – I mean, there was definitely a feeling of, ‘let’s make a follow up’. We love making melodies, that’s what we do and what we’re good at. Good melodies are timeless. I think that’s important for us to make a track

T.H.E – You call your followers Visionairz. How did that come about!?

DubVision – The \/ in DubVision is the centre of our name. It represents the \/ision we have for the music we make. That why we decided to call our followers \/isionairz.

T.H.E – 2019 has been a great year for you guys, especially on the production front. It seems like you guys are on a mission, with the melodic kind of electro house sounds that we have been listening to. Are you very comfortable with where that sound is based, or do we expect to see a shift anytime soon?

DubVision – We are good at making progressive, melodic house and we will keep making this kind of music. Maybe in a slightly different coat at some point, but the feeling of tracks like ‘New Memories’ or ‘Back To Life’ on a big festival stage is a feeling that is the best when it comes to djing for us. This kind of music will always stay alive, we call it Progressive \/uture :)

T.H.E – How would you say the touring has been for you, this year? Any upcoming tours we should look out for?

DubVision – As mentioned we are on a massive tour right now. We’ll be back just in time for ADE! We had a great summer with festivals like Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland, etc. For all the \/isionairz out there, keep an eye out on our pages (search ‘dubvisionmusic’) and you will find out where we play next!

T.H.E – Are there any new IDs that you guys have been teasing so far?

DubVision – There are some big IDs we are working on at the moment, very exciting stuff coming up after summer!

T.H.E – Thanks, guys!

DubVision – Thank you, guys!


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