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falana interview

FALANA sits down with us to discuss her recent single “Joy”, where she draws her inspiration from, and more.

Pavan – Welcome to T.H.E Interviews FALANA! Fantastic to have you on this edition of our interviews. What’s been up on the music front over the past one year?

FALANA – I’ve been great! I am writing and recording and staying creative. Although, I cannot wait to get back on stage again! I have really missed performing live.

Pavan – Your recent single “Joy” has recieved great love and support from everywhere. Tell us about that song.

FALANA – It’s so amazing waking up in the morning and reading tweets about how people are reacting and using the song as a morning anthem! That’s the exact energy I was hoping to share with the record! Joy was written with my good friend and amazing songwriter Omolara Ayodele, and produced by KNGBNJM. I was sitting eating porridge before the recording session at GEEJAM studios when the idea for the song came into my head. I just remember listening to this Jamaican playlist, with a beautiful morning breeze, and the view of the ocean, and I thought “life is too short to not to be grateful for every single damn day”. I wanted to capture that moment that feeling in a song, so I brought the idea to Lara, and we penned the song together.

Pavan – “Joy” is now poised with a remix from Spax and Oxlade. What do you have to say about this remix?

FALANA – I love that we get to experiment and pump new life into Joy! The song has such an important message, and working with Spax and Oxlade was great and organic.

Pavan – Your music has a unique blend of jazz, pop and afrobeats. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

FALANA – I draw inspiration from everywhere! I am a songwriter first, it always starts with an emotion or a story for me. My sound though is really just a reflection of my journey and my story. I guess growing up in Toronto, I was exposed to so many different sounds, and then rhythm and afrobeats is apart of who I am, so it just really blends to give me a sound that is uniquely my own.

Pavan – What do you have in store for the rest of the year? Anymore new music coming up?

FALANA – Really excited to be releasing an EP next month! I have been collaborating with producers and songwriters, in Nigeria, Jamaica, Toronto, New York, and I think I’ve really grown creatively into the artist that I always wanted to be!

Pavan Kumar


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