T.H.E Interview – Felix Kroecher

felix kroecher interview

Felix Kröcher continued his run of releases on July 23rd, with his new single “Passion”.

We caught up with Felix to learn more about the single, his new podcast, and lot more.

Pavan – Welcome Felix, to this edition of T.H.E Interviews and we’re glad to be talking to you. How have you been? How has the past year been for you?

Felix Kroecher – Hey Guys, I’m doing great and thanks for having me. The last year was definitely challenging, not only for me but for all the people working in the music industry. Enjoying the time with my kids but I am looking forward to play some shows again. Still I worked on a lot of exciting new project. We’ve put out loads of music & I also just launched my new podcast „We Are The Night“, in cooperation with the German radio station Sunshine Live.

Pavan – Tell us a bit about how your music journey has been. How much of your day goes into making, and exploring new music?

Felix Kroecher – As I am working in the industry for more than 20 years there are so many good experiences I could tell you guys. It all started out in Frankurt when I was a teenager. Shortly after that I started my internship at the station and got more and more into music. It’s just part of my life. I’m usually putting a couple of hours every day in my music, sorting my collection and working on new music.

Pavan – We heard your new track ‘Passion’ and it has an absolutely raw texture to it. Tell us about the inspiration behind making this track.

Felix Kroecher – Passion is a continuation of my last single „I Am The Night“. The night is what I love and what drives me. Meeting all these interesting people and interact with all my fans and listeners is what defines my Passion. All these feelings influenced the creation process of this track. Purely good vibes! Perfect for festivals and open air’s.

Pavan= – You also started your new podcast ‘We Are The Night’, which has become quite popular in Germany. What is the focus of this podcast? Tell us more about it.

In the podcast I’m chatting with managers, promoters, bouncers about our experiences in the music industry. Talking about festivals, gigs and crazy after show party’s. :) Giving the listener insights about what’s happening backstage. I’ve got some really interesting guests lined up and can’t wait to see how people further react on it.

Pavan – The podcast also has the support of Sunshine Live – how does it feel to get the support of one of the biggest radio stations in Germany?

Felix Kroecher – It’s great! As said I’m working at their station for almost twenty years. It feels like a really natural collaboration. We’ve worked on this project for the past 6 months and it feels so good to finally have it out!

Pavan – What are your plans for the upcoming year? Any hints you can give us on what’s in store?

Felix Kroecher – Finally shows are starting to happen again, which makes me really happy! Next to that we’ve got loads of new music lined up, which I can’t wait to show you guys!


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