T.H.E Interview – Freek & Kit

Freek & Kit interview

When Kit and Freek were introduced, they weren’t aware of just how significant their chance encounter would become.

And over time they realized their joint love for music, merging their styles to create a fresh as well as a different take on the evolving world of drum & bass. With their first two collaborations ‘Once Again’ and ‘Phat Cat’ leading the charge, fans soon became aware of just how pivotal this blending of talents would prove to become. Debuting on Freek’s ‘Unholy’ EP in 2016, they began to develop a signature which would soon grow a sizeable audience.

Although having such an eclectic range of influences between them, with Kit pouring over the records of Prince and Nat King Cole, whilst Freek drew inspiration from both drum and bass and rock/metal, their sound soon resonated over a wide standard of tastes. Their musical training, which enabled them to turn their hand to a wide array of instruments, has enabled them to write great tracks which are impressive both musically and electronically.

‘Calm’ is the first part of their new project as a duo, although it continues the theme from ‘Phat Cat’ with its swinging beats, catchy vocals, and a thumping bassline. It’s already gathered momentum within the underground drum & bass scene, whilst also alluding to the next steps their gearing up to take throughout the remainder of 2019.

Released this week, we caught up with Freek and Kit regarding their current flavours, biggest inspirations and most successful tracks to date…

Freek & Kit Rice – Phat Cat

Where it all began for us! A chance encounter between Kit and a close friend to Freek ended up with the birth of this new style! It originally started as a bouncy jump up number with just a double bass on the intro.

Freek & Kit Rice – Once Again

A personal tune to both of us and going by the public reaction, to a lot of others as well. The lyrics are so powerful and tells a story that a lot of people can relate to! Watch out for the 2019 remix…

Kit Rice – Konfidence (Freek Remix)

Freek: I had a lot of fun making this remix, I wanted to go somewhere different to my usual style and went with a bit of a deep liquid style which really complimented the vocals.

Urbandawn – Come Together feat. Tyson Kelly

Freek: One of my favourite current tracks. I’m a sucker for a rock/dnb hybrid and this one absolutely nails it!

Original Sin – R Bass

Freek: TBF, the whole Grow Your Wings album was hugely influential to my production but R Bass for me is my raving tune. Memories of walking down fabric stairs to room 1 and the walls are absolutely shaking with that R Bass sound. It’s definitely my Fabric tune, I’m sure everyone who’s been will have a tune that reminds of the iconic club.

Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover

Kit: This is to me, the best song ever written. It has wordplay, gunk, vibe, and controversy. All the things you need to make a sick record!

Nat King Cole – Straighten Up & Fly Right

Kit: When I was young, my parents played this track and the whole album on repeat. I think that’s why I can write swing style vocals so comfortably. This track has a story all in the lyrics and the swing is so cheeky and playful. Once in a lifetime swag!

Chase & Status – Eastern Jam

Kit: This is the first time I had ever heard electronic bass music and in my opinion, it’s a masterpiece.

DOT – Hoisin

Freek: I love this track, the power it has when put in the mix with literally anything else is incredible. A dirty “singalong” bassline with this mixed over the top FTW!

Deftones – Be Quiet and Drive (far away)

Freek: Can’t have an influences and inspirations playlist without me mentioning Deftones somewhere in here. Although most would say this isn’t their best tune, it’s the one that means the most to me and would have had the biggest influence on the music I make.

Hannah Helbert


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