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futurecode interview

Omnia and Ben Gold are on a mission to embed their cutting-edge productions into dance music’s DNA.

Their vision is to develop a sound that’s both very much in tune for the dancefloors of today while also pushing new boundaries to ensure the music is future proofed for the months and years ahead. That sound is FUTURECODE.

We speak to the duo, about the formation of FUTURECODE and what “Trance” means, according to them.

Shivani – Hi Ben and Evgeny! It’s great to be speaking to you’ll. Firstly, congratulations on “FUTURECODE”! How did the idea for the combined moniker come about?

FUTURECODE – Hi guys! It’s our pleasure, thanks for having us!

In 2017 we released our first collaboration as Ben Gold & Omnia called ‘The Gateway’ which had such amazing feedback from the fans, so we decided to make another tune called ‘The Conquest’ in 2018 which featured on Ben’s Sound Advice album, then in the summer of 2018, we played a b2b producer set at ‘UNTOLD Festival’ in Romania and it was after we played this set that we started talking about making more music together, and FUTURECODE was born.

Shivani – If you had to explain “FUTURECODE” to a new trance fan, how exactly would you describe their sound?

FUTURECODE – It’s melodic & full of energy and emotion.

Shivani – Barely kickstarting into the year, you’ll have released three major tracks already, one being a collaboration with Ruben De Ronde and one with Roxanne Emery. How well have they been received? And which one did you enjoy working the most on?

FUTURECODE – Working with both Roxanne and Ruben, 2 super talented professional artists, has been fantastic. We were in the studio with both of them working on our collabs and that brings a level of energy that can only come when you’re all in the studio, creating art as one.

Shivani – If you had to rope in a third artist for “FUTURECODE”, it could be absolutely anyone, who would it be and why?

FUTURECODE – As much as we love the instrumental tracks, we love vocal records too and seeing as we can’t sing, Roxanne Emery would be a perfect fit, don’t you think?

Shivani – What in your opinion has been one of the best parts about working with each other and finding common ground in both your styles?

FUTURECODE – We both really love melodies, they are the key for all of our tracks, at the same time we share the same vision of trance music so our common ground is the foundations for FUTURECODE.

Shivani – Your debut set was received very well at ASOT Utrecht. Where else will we see you take the moniker and play?

FUTURECODE – Our tour schedule is looking fantastic. We have already announced shows at Hi Ibiza with Armin van Buuren, Untold in Romania, EDMania in Slovakia & AIM in Canada and still have so much to announce! Looks like we’re going on a World Tour with FUTURECODE.

Shivani – Of late, there has been a lot of debate in the trance scene about what exactly is trance supposed to be, especially with the seeping in of new styles and elements in new age trance productions. What according to you’ll is trance?

FUTURECODE – Trance music is all about energy and melodies, euphoric and happiness. We just focus on our own sound which people can definitely recognise.

Shivani – You’ll will also be joining Armin Van Buuren at Hi Ibiza this summer! How excited are you’ll for it? Will you’ll be road testing more unreleased tracks there?

FUTURECODE – Absolutely! We are really looking forward to this one and already working on something special for this set.

Shivani – What does the rest of 2019 have in store for you’ll?

FUTURECODE – We’ll keep releasing our music. Our next single coming up on June 28th, and more music will be out this year. And of course, you will see FUTURECODE at some biggest festivals around the world :)



Shivani Murthy


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