T.H.E Interview – Gioli & Assia

gioli & assia interview

Italian DJ duo Giolì & Assia are back with their brand new single ‘Habibi’ – out now via their very own Diesis Records imprint.

We caught up with the duo to speak to them about this single, and how they are coping with the coronavirus quarantine situation.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. What have you guys been upto with the entire coronavirus quarantine situation?

Gioli & Assia – Thank you for the warm welcome! Last year we never stopped for a single moment. We had a really tight tour schedule, so we asked our agents to stop on January 2020 so that we could concentrate on new music, and use those weeks as studio time… Well, our quarantine started back in January! Of course we couldn’t expect this covid-19 situation, but we are trying to get the best out of it. Even if we can’t tour, we are concentrating on music and producing a lot of new tracks, collaborating with other artists and working on future collaborations too.

T.H.E – We are sure quite a lot of your tours might have been postponed/cancelled in light of COVID-19. As DJs/performers, how difficult has this time been for you? How are you guys coping with it?

Gioli & Assia – Yes, it’s very hard. We had to postpone a lot of shows, and we are very sad about it. Performing in front of our fans is the best part of our job, so we are definitely missing it. But producing music is important as well, so at the end of this story, we will have tons of new productions to perform live.

T.H.E – Let’s talk about your new single – Habibi. It has quite a few cultural influences. What inspired the track?

Gioli & Assia – We produced Habibi thinking of the video we wanted to shoot, in an Arabic country. The lyrics are in different languages, English, Spanish, Arabic and French, because we wanted to write a song that more people could sing and understand, all united with the same track.

T.H.E – How have your fans reacted to the track?

Gioli & Assia – We think they loved it, we are receiving positive feedbacks.

T.H.E – Your live show concept – #diesislive was hugely popular last year. Did you have big plans for it this year?

Gioli & Assia – Sure, we are just waiting for the end of this quarantine to start again with our Diesis Live format!

T.H.E – Tell us a bit about your future plans – any new music that we can look forward to?

Gioli & Assia – We are releasing four remixes of Habibi the 3rd April, can’t wait!

T.H.E – Lastly, would you have any message for your fans, during this critical time?

Gioli & Assia – Our message is to stay home, and stay positive. We’re all in the same situation, it’s hard for everybody, but we have to remember what’s really important: to be safe. Once we will all be safe, and the quarantine will be finished, we will see each other and hug tight. We miss our shows, we miss our people, but we will meet and dance again soon!


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