T.H.E Interview – H3nry Thr!ll

H3nry Thr!ll Interview

Having just turned seventeen years old H3nry Thr!ll drops his latest track ‘Lean’ – he is already becoming increasingly recognised for his melodic, upfront G-House sound.

We caught up with the young Washington DC producer to find out a little more about his journey so far.

T.H.E – H3nry, welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials! Everything good in your world?

H3nry Thr!ll – Thanks so much for having me! Yes, everything has been awesome recently. I am approaching 30,000 totals streams on Spotify, which is a big milestone, and feedback on my latest track, ‘Lean’, has been really positive!

T.H.E – Your new track ‘Lean’ has a big sound, how long have you been producing?

H3nry Thr!ll – Thanks so much! I have been producing for about 5 years, but I really started taking it seriously in the past year and a half.  I love experimenting with new sounds and techniques, and I feel all the time I’m putting into it is paying off.

T.H.E – Which artists do you feel you take most influence from?

H3nry Thr!ll – I definitely take big inspiration from guys like BroHug and Malaa. They have both created very unique sounds, and I love their production styles.

T.H.E – Tell us a bit about your journey so far, has there been particular standout moments or obstacles?

H3nry Thr!ll – The hardest part of my journey so far is finding good electronic clubs to play at – and go to – in the DC area. We have Echostage, Soundcheck, & U-Street Music Hall as the top clubs in this genre, but they are mostly 18+ shows, which makes it tougher for me since I just turned 17.  I keep plugging away at it and continue to work to get on their radars, but I am also trying to gain some exposure in other areas.  NYC and LA are both on my list to crack.

T.H.E – Any possible collaborations in the works, or are you focused on working solo right now? 

H3nry Thr!ll – Both, actually.  I have a couple of solo projects wrapping up and scheduled for release in the coming months, and I have a few active collaborative projects in the works too.  I can’t wait to see how they all turn out.

T.H.E – Finally, what’s your favorite club in the U.S that you’ve played to date?

H3nry Thr!ll – The Granby Theater in Norfolk, VA.  I played two sets at its 2018 Haunted Circus Halloween Party, and the venue and vibe were electric.


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