T.H.E Interview – IND:RA

ind:ra interview

Today, the skilled Producer and DJ IND:RA joins us for this quickfire interview; from his favourite tracks to the goals he hopes to achieve next to his most memorable performance, we unveil more about the man behind the talent.

As he continues to captivate fans with his original signature sound, blending elements across genres like House and Techno, IND:RA keeps pushing his creativity to exciting ground, making his innate talents known. So, sit back, as we present this exclusive interview with the talented IND:RA.

T.H.E – Top 3 favorite songs?

IND:RA – a) Royksopp – ‘What Else Is There’
b) Vangelis – ‘Blade Runner Blues’
c) Prince – ‘Purple Rain’

T.H.E – Two surprising facts about yourself?

IND:RA – a) I captain the T20 team for Alexandra Park Cricket Club, a 130-year-old Cricket club in North London.
b) I love graphic novels and MMORPGs.

T.H.E – Techno or House?

IND:RA – Not biased against either. I love any sound that fits my set storytelling.

T.H.E – Most used music equipment?

IND:RA – My Turntables, as I like collecting and listening to Vinyls when I chill.

T.H.E – Favourite gig you’ve performed?

IND:RA – My closing set at Ministry of Sound was definitely my favourite gig.

T.H.E – Producing or DJing?

IND:RA – DJing, I am a performer at heart and it comes naturally to me. Production takes effort due to my attention span issues.

T.H.E – Producing outdoors or inside the studio?

IND:RA – I love a portable setup, so I would say I love working on ideas outdoors, but to finish them I need to be in the studio.

T.H.E – Rainy nights or sunny days?

IND:RA – I live in London mate, it’s always raining, and we rarely get sun here so it’s sunny days for sure.

T.H.E – A milestone you’re aiming to accomplish this year?

IND:RA – I want to release on a couple of labels which I really love. I just released on Panda Lab Records and have another release coming out on Max Freegrant’s, Freegrant Music. Hopeful, to keep signing records to good labels.

T.H.E – Standout moment of your career thus far?

IND:RA – There have been many. It’s been a 24-year-long career, so many moments spread across the 2 decades. Winning awards, playing massive festivals, travelling across the world, playing in some of the most legendary clubs on the planet, residencies at top venues, releasing on good labels, and charting releases in the Top 10, I have experienced all of these moments. But I feel the standout moment is still ahead of me!

With a commitment and passion for his craft, IND:RA continues to appear as a Producer and DJ to keep following closely within Electronic Music. So, as we close out this interview with him, we thank him for his time whilst eagerly anticipating the next chapter of his musical journey: a talent not to miss, make sure to follow IND:RA across social media today.


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