T.H.E Interview – Bear Grillz

bear grillz

Bear Grillz’ meteoric rise into the Pantheon of bass music legends was predicated on a philosophy of love for the scene and the necessity of always grinding as hard as you can.

Catch our chat with him, where he talks about collaborating with Sullivan King, and the one thing he would change around the electronic music scene.

T.H.E – Hey man! Absolutely loving your new single with Sullivan King. How did it come about?

Bear Grillz – Thank you… and honestly, he’s one of my favorite people so I love sending him things. He is so fast and so good i send him an idea and he sends back vocals and a guitar riff in like 5 mins… it’s insane!

T.H.E – This is the 2nd time you have teamed up with Sullivan King. Was the experience much easier this time around?

Bear Grillz – It’s always easy with him. Like I said earlier, he’s so fast and so good.

T.H.E – The name ‘Bear Grillz’ has become synonymous with face­melting bass music. Were you always inclined towards Dubstep as a genre?

Bear Grillz – I think when determining the sound, I was really drawn to dubstep because it’s such a party vibe.

T.H.E – Do we ever expect to see you shifting your focus towards other sounds in the future?

Bear Grillz – I think at every point in an artist’s career, it’s necessary to explore different sounds if they want to evolve as an artist. So yes, you can probably expect different things coming from me very soon :)

T.H.E – You’ve witnessed the rise of Dubstep as a genre, especially in the United States. How has it evolved in your opinion?

Bear Grillz – When I first started in 2014, everyone was saying “Dubstep is Dead.” I think I was very fortunate to be able to establish myself during that time and now dubstep is flourishing. It’s so cool to see what all these guys are doing with dubstep these days. I love the bass!

T.H.E – If there was one thing you could change about the electronic music scene, what would it be?

Bear Grillz – I would change the negative stigma surrounding EDM within the media and general public.

This community is filled with nothing but love and support and I wouldn’t want to be apart of any other community. It’s a shame that the media primarily focuses on drug use & other negative things. COME SEE FOR YOURSELF before you judge us!

T.H.E – Time for some fun ones. What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

Bear Grillz – I would love to make movies. I think of myself as a writer so who knows maybe i’ll finish a screenplay.

T.H.E – How often do you play sports?

Bear Grillz – Not often anymore but I grew up playing baseball and went as far as college. I am a huge sports fan and pretty much watch ESPN all day!

T.H.E – What job do you think you’d be really good at?

Bear Grillz – I have a law degree from a prestigious university so I would like to think in another life i was a bad ass lawyer haha

T.H.E – What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

Bear Grillz – To Mars or anywhere in space. I’m so fascinated.

T.H.E – What’s your favorite drink?

Bear Grillz – I went to a bar in Sydney, Australia and they straight up cold­pressed juice apples and added vodka. I took it a step further and juice apples at home but add Jameson. Try it out!


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